How To Calm Down In 10 Seconds (Fast Relaxation Trick to Stop Anxiety and Stress)

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25 Responses to “How To Calm Down In 10 Seconds (Fast Relaxation Trick to Stop Anxiety and Stress)”

  1. Ravagerngr says:

    seems one person did this wrong…

  2. PunkyScarlett says:

    Good job i found this, literally 10 seconds away from ripping out my own hair

  3. misskellyx21 says:

    @SuperCorey95 lmao this made me laugh

  4. ForeverMyLovemusic says:

    blood work tommarow 🙁 thank you so much.

  5. Cedescal says:

    Gonna end up on youtube as crazy dude spassing out on bus

  6. MadiMe123 says:

    @Bender2522 Don’t ya know it’s supposed to be spelled with two zeros? Like, N00b. I guess ya learn something new every day, huh?

  7. MadiMe123 says:

    @molliecool19 Oh, were you planking? An l is missing but it’s close enough! That is a close enough win-fail. Yeah. My first close enough win-fail!

  8. xNazeh says:


  9. exmruniverse says:


  10. AnimeSheepGamer says:

    how the hell can you listen to 3 minutes of his voice i fell asleep after 20 seconds

  11. pandabears6 says:

    I’m not shaking like crazy no more!
    Thx so very much!!!!!!!!!!

  12. TOXICfish1000 says:

    I was angry at touch grind bmx so I went on this and it seemed to work

  13. dukilaki says:

    or i can calm down by punching you into face with my mercury nano glove

  14. mikey6879 says:

    Im doing a qualification in scuba diving tommorow, i have already completed half of it and was very anxious throughout. Is there another way to calm down without holding your breath, as you can’t hold your breath while diving

  15. Bender2522 says:

    @molliecool19 LOL CANT SPELL NOOB

  16. Bender2522 says:

    @ALifeLessAnxious so much for in 10 seconds fucking liar fuck you

  17. molliecool19 says:

    thanks i was shitting my self and panking

  18. GokuSuperSayianJin says:

    Thanks man!!!!!! My head was about to explode from all these thoughts…but now im MUCH better 🙂 Love you!!! ( no homo ) ahahaha

  19. GuitarmanST says:

    this did seem to help a bit, but at work * I am a culinary chef* I cannot stand incompetence and just plain stupidity in the work place, There are day’s where I will passe around the entire kitchen and down talk myself, call my self a prick, basically BEAT the hell out of myself verbally, Does this work? I have no idea it is just a defense mechanism I think I have created so I won’t break the first thing I see. Obviously I really need a better way to calm down from a stressful moment…

  20. Greatscott0420 says:

    i think your fucking with us

  21. zanex361 says:

    @GiratinaProductions i feel ya man. Broke my hand twice.

  22. hazel7nut7 says:

    @hazel7nut7 thanks, by the way

  23. hazel7nut7 says:

    @ALifeLessAnxious I’ve gotten it. I sent a few questions to your email.

  24. Awesomenizzleness says:

    thanks this really works, but it keeps coming back

  25. improfessoradam says:

    thank you soo much i have a guitar audition today this will help loads thanks!

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