How to overcome phobias and fears Panic disorder cure part 5

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This video goes over my method of removing fears and phobias out of your life forever. In these videos I will go over what i did to cure my panic disorder, anxiety, phobias, and anger. I was…
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2 Responses to “How to overcome phobias and fears Panic disorder cure part 5”

  1. Andrew Baba says:

    Dear Will,
    I watched all 5 parts. It helped me a lot to understand my problem and I
    would like to say thank you.

    As far as I understood the key to success is to localize your fears from
    the childhood, explain it, understand it and deal with it on some way ie
    talking with people who are responsible

    Diet, exercising, supplements will support it.

    I am having fear of bridges, open space, heights, motorways,planes
    etc….My history was very similar to yours ie heart attack in the hospital
    ;), doctors, medicines etc…

    My approach is to make small steps. Overall avoiding that for many years
    helped my fears grow to a big level. Facing your fears – it is not easy
    task. Your videos gave me hope.

    All the best ´╗┐

  2. Andrew Baba says:


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