How to Stop a Panic Attack

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Hi Everyone! I will do a blog post on this topic with more information when I get back from vacation. I hope this is helpful. Leave any questions, comments, …

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4 Responses to “How to Stop a Panic Attack”

  1. My Green Gypsy says:

    This is really awesome! I’ve learned about some nutritional ways to
    overcome anxiety and in my research I’ve discovered just how many people
    suffer from severe anxiety….it’s really becoming an epidemic. Thanks for
    the work that you do—it’s so needed! xoxoxo

  2. shyhinata says:

    This video actually comes at a really good time for me. I’m working on some
    mindfulness techniques right now (I sent you a DM about it), and the 3, 2,
    1 technique you mentioned is new to me, and sounds like a good one. I’m
    really finding that mindfulness in general it takes a lot of practice, for
    me anyway. Great video!!

  3. Arabella Parker says:

    Great techniques on how to calm down when anxious or stressed!

    How to Stop a Panic Attack: http://youtu.be/Jr_kBHHeckg

  4. Kristen Marie says:

    Add a message to your video

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