How To Stop A Panic Attack Every Time

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

How To Stop A Panic Attack Every Time I Sincerely Hope This Helps You 🙂

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25 Responses to “How To Stop A Panic Attack Every Time”

  1. The Destiny Dynasty says:

    +noah schivitz
    Thanks a lot man :)

  2. iAmNeptune says:

    I’ve never had one, but I will definitely use this to help my best friend.
    Thank you :)

  3. Khalidur Rahman says:

    Dude, my respect level for you just keeps growing. 

  4. JayCRAW says:

    I will need this if I get any more ascended shards from the nightfall 

  5. The Destiny Dynasty says:

    How To Stop A Panic Attack Every Time
    I Sincerely Hope This Helps You :)

  6. GTgaming69 says:

    Honestly i have no clue how you can be so different from all these other
    youtubers. You dont do bandwagon glitch/cheese videos, you dont make , hey
    look what i got from crota this week!, videos, its honestly amazing. You
    are the most sincere youtuber i know and one of the only ones who truly
    cares about their subscribers. Keep up the good work man. 

  7. TheAndyPV says:

    Dude i feel you would make a fucking awesome brother :)

  8. Chris Meadows says:

    I have those things alot bro – They suck ass bad especially when you’re in
    public – They put my grown ass in tears sometimes lol They are very hard to
    control and come out of nowhere – It gets on my nerves alot . Nice vid 

  9. Greg Is Here says:

    I love how open you are with your subs… amazing man, really amazing. 

  10. Fiona Poh says:

    I can tell myself to don’t think of anything , live in the moment , don’t
    think about the past or future,lve in the moment and it goes away

  11. nilford bixler says:

    cannot begin to express to you how insightful and appreciated this video is;
    anytime i’ve had an attack i always thought i was in fact hypo-ventilating
    (not getting enough air), so i would try to increase my oxygen–and
    obviously it would only get worse. i can’t thank you enough.
    panic attacks are truly the worst feeling to my knowledge. i will spread
    this method as far as i can;
    it could very well save a life someday.

  12. XxFluffyRabbitxX says:

    I had 2 panic attacks in 1 week all I did was try to calm myself down and
    sit down somewhere.

  13. Keith Moore says:

    Just tried it and it worked! Thanks homie– hopefully it continues to

  14. MASTER333JAK0B says:

    Im happy you are helping people with this cool video! btw I hope you feel
    better my friend :)

  15. GENxEXPLODE says:

    My wife experiences these, I am going to show her your vid tonight and hope
    your technique works for her 🙂 (plus I am going to use parts as tips for
    me while trying to talk her out of it as well– any additional advice for
    that category?)

  16. Whizzy Kid says:

    You should do face cams for destiny or any games if you could

  17. Some guy says:

    Never had one but might come in handy, thx

  18. boomxheadshot88 says:

    I fell bad for man I don’t get panic attacks but I fell like I’m going to
    break something when I’m mad 

  19. Fairfuzzle says:

    Have you tried Propanalol? They stop the physical symptoms and are pretty
    good. 🙂 Thanks for the video to help me calm me down.

  20. ジンオウガ says:

    Thanks man! I’ve never gotten one, but I will know what to do now 🙂 Many
    thanks, and thanks for having your channel 🙂 You’re one of my favorite
    Youtuber’s, and not just for Destiny videos ^-^b

  21. Jason Cochron says:

    hey was wondering why i can’t unlock the weekly and daily horic strikes? i
    went to eris to see if there was a bounty to complete to unlock it but
    there was not one. 

  22. DolphinOfFire says:

    I’ve had these for about a year (I’m 16). Thank you

  23. The music gamer says:

    deos this work on asma

  24. jaysinmyhead149 says:

    I just saw this video randomly and I decided to click on it randomly even
    though I don’t have panic attacks. A few days ago, my sister had one and
    was screaming and said she was going to die, which seems pretty extreme. I
    made her look at me and I showed her this method. It calmed her down after
    a minute. Thank you so much for posting this video. 

  25. TheMarg28 says:

    Ur a legend mate I was sat in bed having a really bad attack about 5
    minutes ago and just listening to you describe your symptoms has made me
    realise I’m not alone and im not dying. Will try the breathing next time
    cheers man ! 

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