How to Stop a Panic Attack in 5 Minutes

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) – This video is going to show you an effective 3 Step Strategy for ending a Panic Attack within 5 minutes naturally….
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25 Responses to “How to Stop a Panic Attack in 5 Minutes”

  1. KateJustice says:

    Stop fearing the body symptoms. Become so familiar with them they no longer bother you. Panic attacks are simply a cycle of fear, fear on top of fear. You have to understand that they’re not happening to you, you’re actually causing them with your fearful thoughts. Even if they feel spontaneous, believe me they are not. You’re not in any harm or going to die. PLEASE purchase Pass Through Panic audio books by Dr. Claire Weekes available on Amazon. You CAN and WILL recover quickly.

  2. BroPaterno1 says:

    That sucks. Mine happened while I was at a restaurant. Couldn’t eat my dinner. Only had them for 2 weeks now. I can get them by thinking about them so I keep them out of my mind. I stay focused and don’t let my mind wander because if I let it wander then I will eventually start thinking about freaking out and I do. But the 1234 breathing helps. All about breathing.

  3. Emily Harrison says:

    i can’t even focus on this video because of my anxiety.

  4. Alexis Stewart says:

    That’s why I’m here now. I have floating anxiety, a lot of time there isn’t even a trigger. Reading about it, even though I already know it all, and reading comments helps a lot. I hate these feelings. They are much less frequent than they used to be, but the intensity is the same..

  5. carli romano says:

    Having a bad one now 2:45 am all of ur comments everyone has helped me along with this video and my Xanax and most importantly god, thank you

  6. Alexandrea Rhodes says:

    Which freaked me out more. I was so scared. And ever since 3 weeks ago I have been having them. My mom use to have them really bad. Shed pass out as well. I guess its hereditary. I am going to the doctor next monday. And I am going to just try and relax and take my moms meds for it.

  7. Alexandrea Rhodes says:

    The first time ive ever had a panic attack I happened to be in cvs picking up my medicine. Because the day before that I was pushed over a grill. I went to the doctor that night and was prescribed medicine. I was actually on my way to vacation to Pennsylvania. And all of a sudden I felt really bad. I moved my sister out of her chair and sat down and the next thing you know I being woke up by my grandma freaking out. I was rushed to the hospital and thought I was dieing I was short of breath.

  8. Caridadbernardino says:

    Having one right now!!!! 2:14 pm

  9. Lucy Brighton says:

    I want to share with everyone the course I found that was the key to unlocking the barrier between me and the world. In just over 2 months I feel like a different, normal, person, its amazing. I have the confidence to do so many more things, and to deal with the negative parts of my life in a much more useful way as i can draw strength from knowing I got to this stage and I know that I can take it to the next level. You can see it at and I know it can work for you xx

  10. Ricky Kintempen says:

    This program will show you naturally way to get rid of panic attacks and stop general anxiety quickly. It also guide thousands of people stop their panic issue
    Take a look at here to find out more:

  11. Alan Tiefel says:

    I’ve tried all kinds of natural herbal remedies.Different brands. Tried liquid, capsule all kinds. Don’t do a thing.

  12. Alan Tiefel says:

    Are you trying to sell something. Panic attacks don’t cause people to faint.

  13. Viktor lord says:

    Was an agoraphobic for a year and. A half. Broke free. Still suffer daily hellrides with the panic. Hospitol trips ect. Its hell that’s for sure. Don’t think I can get by the first step here. Everytime I believe its really happening

  14. Kta Cat says:

    I recommed “Bach” natural products emergency drops. is homeophatic. Not sure if works but I use them. are flowers.

  15. Kta Cat says:

    In my case can happen any moment but last time i got just symptoms at the train station.. the attack didnt happen because i took medication but I am scared to faint or pass out…althought it never happened in 15 years. The fear is huge and my rutine is to lay down, raise my legs, do belly breathing, listen calm music..If im at home. If Im in the street…just medicines.

  16. Juan Ortiz says:

    Same here man
    It truly sucks
    I’m scared to leave my house because of my attacks
    When I get attacks I feel like using the restroom right away
    I hear that tea helps, running, sleep, etc
    I wish you the best of luck

  17. PanchoMelerosas says:

    i hate my panic attacks, i have a fear of going into public cause of my anxiety. If someone knows what helps id apperciate it.

  18. Donna L. Gilliam says:

    The #1 reason standard anxiety treatments fail is because they never tutor the person to finish the fear of fear. Instead they teach a person to ‘cope’ with all the problem also to control the anxiety in the hope that it’ll eventually go away completely.
    Check out below website to learn more:

  19. Fajar Alfa says:

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  20. m7starzz says:

    So if u don’t like drugs I recommend the natural pills below I’m not getting paid are a fake I use know the feeling of panic attacks they sell it online, CVS,Walgreens.etc. Just look for and ask if they sell Natures Bounty. Looks for St John wort and Valerian Root with Passion Flower Life saver!! I buy it every month I buy it for cheap both are 20 bucks

  21. m7starzz says:

    I struggle with panic attack I hate it! But I talked to my local pharmacy he recommended. Nature’s Bounty. Brand. I take now half a year St John’s wort for positive mood and also Nature’s Bounty brand Valerian Root. Passion Flower it works I feel at ease I take both 3times a Day all natural!! no extra stuff just pure flower /Root best thing I ever did for my self. I ended up my 1st attack and after that I was scared to be alone etc took anxiety pills triggered more attack .Natural is the way

  22. Dera Tania says:

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  23. Simow Wayans says:

    check this tinyurl(dot)com/bvdmbfo to Learn How To Stop Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Fast.

  24. Brisa Vegas says:

    My channel is Vegas Brisa. please follow my vlog about my personal struggles with panic attacks and anxiety. I am a working nurse and am def not immuned from this disorder.

  25. Reta Nila says:

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