How to Stop a Panic Attack (Or ANY Pain) in 5 Minutes Using EFT | OrganicOlivia

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Your body CAN heal itself if its energies are allowed to flow with no emotional or energetic blockages. YOU are POWERFUL! Today I’m talking about an emotional acupuncture technique that you…
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25 Responses to “How to Stop a Panic Attack (Or ANY Pain) in 5 Minutes Using EFT | OrganicOlivia”

  1. Jaz Stewart says:

    I have been following you on Instagram for some time now, but seeing this
    video makes me officially love you! Keep the videos coming please!! <3

  2. King Franco says:

    i DEMAND you make more videos more frequently.

  3. Dylan Niece says:

    you are mezmerising

  4. Darlene Esteban says:

    omg i am soooo happy you started making youtube videos! i love seeing you
    face on my screen and i just feel like i can connect with you on a much
    deeper level. Please keep making videos! 

  5. Zen HairLife says:

    I’ve been so in love with your instagram and I’m so excited about your
    youtube channel! I make youtube videos too about a variety of topics you
    might enjoy it. I can’t wait for more videos from you. I have learned so
    much already from you and lily you ladies are awesome :)

  6. ribbonsmakebows says:

    So glad to see you making videos! 😀 I’ve heard and done a little EFT
    before, but never for pain, so next time, I’ll try and use it for that! 

  7. Nargis Mohiuddin says:

    I go to YHS (I heard you went there as well!) and my IB English Oral is
    soon and I’m so nervous! I’m going to try this out, thank you!! 

  8. Jennifer Benitez says:

    Does this work for headaches too? 🙁 I’ve had a headache all day and I’m
    pregnant, I was wondering if this would cure it. So far I did 5 rounds and

  9. daisy deegirl says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I’ve seen other people talk about this
    treatment and I do go to a naturepath doc that believes in alternative ways
    to dealing with health issues and has helped to release emotional blocks
    that effect the body. I think your approach is great because you are very
    open and that will allow others to try it. :o) Thank you!

  10. HappyandPappy says:

    Serendipitously, I just learned eft from another video that was sent to me
    a few days ago. The world eft conference is apparently happening this
    month. I’m blown away by eft. I even used it this am being tired having
    slept little last night! It can also be used to release limiting beliefs. I
    loved your explanation of each point relating to a body organ. Is there a
    part you’re leaving out in the process? The video I first learned from has
    the last part of verbally saying “this pain/anxiety/etc… I let this go
    right now!” And then a big breath. I’m a trained breathwork facilitator so
    the transformative breath release is a big thing that resonated for me.

  11. Taylor Akins says:

    I seriously love you. I’ve been following you on instagram for almost a
    year and I’ve learned so much from your posts! I used to have panic
    disorder that was so severe that I would punch myself in the temple and
    knock myself out just so I wouldn’t have to feel them, and I was taking
    xanax everyday just to deal with life. Now I rarely have panic attacks at
    all and I know how to deal with them effectively now! You have no clue how
    much of a positive impact you’ve made on my life!! Thank you so much
    Olivia!! :’)

  12. RealEyesRealize RealLies says:

    Olivia! I want your shirt! and…I want to look forward to more vids

  13. Nadia Zeziou says:

    Lovely video, nice presentation of the EFT and by the way, i love your hair
    now! This colour suits you great!

  14. Audrey M says:

    I love your videos 🙂 keep them coming please!

  15. Maryn says:

    Olivia when will your next batch of parasite cleanse kits be ready? 

  16. Nicole Orozco says:

    Hi I’m from Venezuela and started following you on FB, and seems like the
    universe just wanted me to find out about this amazing self-healing system
    in this time on my life that it’s not going as easy as I want it to. I’ll
    keep following your vids and your posts, they’re amazing! And you’re so

  17. Megan Green says:

    First of all, I LOVE that you’re making videos now! And second of all, I
    just tried this for a nagging chest pain I’ve had for a few weeks now and
    after 4 rounds the tightness is gone! This is really weird that it gave me
    so much relief but I’m so glad I tried it! The tapping point under the eye
    definitely had some pain going on! Thanks Olivia 🙂 

  18. lancefann22 says:

    Olivia you are amazing! You are aiding in the healing of our world in such
    a huge way! You have a beautiful soul and i can only attempt to express in
    words the gratitude I feel for the knowledge of self you have transmitted
    to me! Keep doin it, your saving the world one view at a time :)

  19. Jamie Daniel says:

    Thank you for making this, Olivia. I’ve learned so much from your instagram
    posts, and I’m so excited you’re making videos again. I actually found your
    YouTube a few months ago and I was hoping you would one day make more! You
    are truly an inspiration and I want to absorb all you throw out here on the

  20. Maikaylaa says:

    You are healing so many souls, and not only that, but teaching us how to
    heal ourselves. So much love for all that you do!! ♡(*´╰╯`๓) you create
    such a positive impact to people’s health. All the energy you send out
    comes back to you. It’s great to see you get more attention & succeed! 

  21. Maya Milo says:

    I noticed that the order that you did the demonstration is different than
    what is listed on the diagram you provided. Is there a set order? 

  22. aleeexisss00 says:

    I am so excited for you to start making more videos! I am obsessed with
    your IG, you are truly special. Can you please make a video about how you
    got rid of your acne. I know you said it took you years, but I would really
    appreciate a video. Also if you can just make a video about your lifestyle
    in general, i’m so interested. Love you<3

  23. Haribo Land says:

    A panic isn’t technically a pain. It can be related to emotional pain
    though. It is good that you included pain relief though, you are relating
    with a wider audience! Good job! Xx

  24. Luisa GJ says:

    Great video Olivia. I have dermatitis on my right hand starting under my
    pinky finger and going through the PALM of my hand. Ive been given an
    antibiotic cream, moisturisers but nothing will fully heal it. Im thinking
    its to do with my diet but honestly i dont know too much about it. Would
    appreciate any tips from anybody. Love from greece.

  25. Zak money says:

    hot and smart i will use this info!

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