Iron Man 3 – anxiety attack in Tennessee ( scene )

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

credit : wanda O’shea.

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25 Responses to “Iron Man 3 – anxiety attack in Tennessee ( scene )”

  1. CocoaNutCakery says:

    <3 Thunt

  2. Georgia Bezzy says:

    I wish mine were as happy and smooth as this

  3. mastershreddalot says:

    It’s always nice to see when a super hero deals with the same thing I do (:

  4. Hayley Repetti says:

    I feel so bad for +Tony Stark :(

  5. girlysword says:

    I don’t know why people have a problem with Tony having anxiety attacks. It
    was very realistic. Tony was faced with aliens and Norse gods and almost
    died. The other team members had faced weird stuff before, Tony hadn’t, not
    on that scale. Although Iron Man was the first movie in the Marvel
    franchise, he was actually the newest to the superhero game. It makes
    complete sense he would have anxiety attacks.

  6. Katie Kaplan says:

    Lol like the end “your fault”

  7. Bob Fucktard says:

    Kids like that need to be slapped until they shut the fuck up. Kids are to
    speak when spoken to, PERIOD! My kids never acted up in a restaurant or
    nice store and I was constantly praised for their behavior. SHUT YOUR

  8. Kugluck says:

    Every hero must have something little disadvantage.

  9. Julia Hammett says:

    I at least know what to do if I ever get a panic attack and probably how I
    will act when I go through it. Robert does the panic attacks really good
    and I knew about them just never seen them until this movie. And I am going
    to start learning more about them if I ever get into a situation with
    myself or anyone around me.
    Plus, it will be fun to put snow on my face then throw it at my brothers
    blaming them. lol. i’m kidding about that part.
    But I am going to learn more about them. Like Iron Man 3 a lot. I hope to
    see more of Tony Stark with Robert playing him in other movies.

  10. Peter Le says:

    I hated this scene because I swear I was on the verge of having an anxiety
    attack … and here I am watching it again …

  11. Kici Koci says:

    panic attack i hate it!

  12. Legendary Knight 20 says:

    What happened when he went up into the wormhole? I think I missed that
    scene, what happened? 

  13. Ying Dufrene says:

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  14. Daryll Calpito says:

    #Stop #lol 

  15. Christopher Mcphearson says:
  16. AveNullusMajestic says:

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