Ja’mie King’s Panic Attack

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Ja’mie is the biggest drama queen…but bloody funny.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Ja’mie King’s Panic Attack”

  1. hunter osiris says:

    omfg this is religion

  2. Mary Queen Salinas says:

    I can’t breathe myself! This is too funny

  3. Rafa Mtz Andz says:

    Chris Lilley is the best thing that ever happened to the world.

  4. Steve Perry says:

    “if you give me that look again bec and im gunna like slap you down bitch”

  5. Julian Ahasteen says:

    The irony, shitty girls being treated shitty. 

  6. ye5442 says:

    I think we all went to school with a girl who reminded us of Ja’mie. 

  7. LenLeonardo says:

    “I’m not even from China, I’m from Singapore, IDIOT” haha bec <3

  8. StrongAndTasty says:


  9. ThePookaPrince says:

    ‘shut ya face and go to a fucking hairdresser and sort your fucking roots

  10. DontCallMe That says:

    “oo asian asian” AHAHA

  11. Hatsune miku says:


  12. candie sweet says:


  13. ruby w says:


  14. adelle says:

    that awkward moment when you realise you are ja’mie

  15. James h says:


  16. 336Blanco says:

    “oh my gawd!! some one call my mom!” lmao

  17. Simon Arango says:

    Qantas is doing some really good deals on one-way tickets to China.

  18. aexxxon says:

    ‎@1:46 “Shut your faces. Hire a hair dresser and sort your fucking roots
    out!” “Why don’t you all go out and get a skin graft because it looks like
    shit!” Ja’mie – will you do me the honor of being my Hag??

  19. James Melton says:

    <3 <3 <3 my idol <3 <3 <3

  20. Hannah Brindley says:

    Thats not the point… the joke is that Jamie is actually a very unlikeable
    person, partly because she is so racist. It’s a different kind of humour,
    and probably if you actually watched the show you would see that. I hope
    that explains things for you. Next time maybe look at the context before
    asserting that you are less racist simply because you’re American.

  21. zuzangelo says:

    This girl is a bitch lol

  22. The Piggy Dance says:

    Listen to my cute wee accent look at my fringe asian asian

  23. YOitsJohnDough says:

    Ew. Lol

  24. DamonElena1963 says:

    The Public school skank socety! hahhahaha

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