Ja’mie King’s Panic Attack

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Ja’mie is the biggest drama queen…but bloody funny

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25 Responses to “Ja’mie King’s Panic Attack”

  1. yertletheturtleful says:

    Chris lilley is an amazing actor, its easy to forget ja’mie isnt real and is actually a man! I love this video xxx

  2. GG100FDZ says:

    lol i love how she laughs after saying a Housing Commission Whore

  3. oozykoozy127 says:

    LoL ending

  4. MrBrisbane97 says:

    “Stop being such a fucking cow!”

  5. kellinbabyy says:

    ”If you give me that look again, I am gonna slap you down bitch.” Lol.

  6. xchampbearx says:

    @codownni It’s Summer Heights High. Chris Lilleys new series Angry Boys is showing on BBC3 and iplayer at the moment. If you like Ja’mie you’ll probably love Jen!

  7. IGuessItsSteph says:

    the ending is hilaaaaarious

  8. IGuessItsSteph says:

    LMAOOOO. “Ehmagawd, like i seriously cant buh-reathe.” Ahahha

  9. tazma023 says:

    Lol, I can get u a one way ticket to china!, I’m not from china I’m from Singapore!

  10. bonzot says:

    lol, wonder why she’s so flat

  11. SuperJulius52 says:

    “You walk around going, I’m Asian, i’m so cool, I’ve got a cute little asian accent, ooh look at my fringe, oooh asian, asian” LOL

  12. chloeeclowns says:

    press 3 repeatedly for the funniest sound :LL

  13. N0OBKI1L3R says:

    press 6 repeatedly for ranga

  14. codownni says:

    fuckinghell that is mr G lmao

  15. codownni says:

    What show is this? Im from the UK and this is fucking hilarious, is this the same show with “mr G”?

  16. MrBeastyManhood says:

    Oh Asian Asian!

  17. rosarawr123 says:

    ”You’re so fat that the fat doesn’t know where to go it just pops out of your chest.”


  18. andrewmurgani says:

    i like this video

  19. thebluebaboons says:

    Im asian oh im so cool .

  20. imrachelurnot says:

    @SlasherFan13 year 8.

  21. muffmuffnik says:

    2:25 “Quantus is doing some good deals on one-way tickets to China” even Bec’s friends laugh hahahahhha

  22. SlasherFan13 says:

    19 people had eating disorders when they were 8 and didn’t develop properly.

  23. misbubbybabe says:

    Chris LILLEY is the BEST

  24. nekovelo says:

    “When I am 25, these are going to be fucking huge.”

  25. SuperBabycakesz says:


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