Jeffrey Lewis Anxiety Attack – sous-titres français

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Une chanson du dernier album de Jeffrey Lewis, on Rough Trade, City and Eastern songs. Une version haute définition, sans sous titres, est visible ici ilikevodka.free.fr Merci à VNRose3 (ancien compte lightning49) de m’avoir fait découvrir cette vidéo de son ami Jeffrey.Lewis. J’ai tenté cette traduction pour le sens des paroles, mais sans prétendre traduire la poésie de l’auteur. Anxiety Attack JEFFREY & JACK LEWIS: “CITY & EASTERN SONGS” – Nov 2005 I lay down every night but I can’t get no rest Cos it starts spinning in my brain and then it’s pounding in my chest What if I wasted all my youth what if I wasted growing up What if I wasted my whole life oh man I’d feel like throwing up it’s an Anxiety attack an anxiety attack I’ve got a bad case of the horrors and at night it comes back Cos first I look back at my week and then I look back at my year And then I’m terrified to speak and then I’m paralysed with fear And I’m tossing and I’m turning and I’m going round the bend All I see is all my failings’ downward spirals without end and I Horror in the in the future and I see horror in the past And its 4 am and 5 am and 6 am at last Cos what if I never feel grown up and I end a car accident And what if I go crazy and what if this time it’s permanent And what I go broke and have to move back with my parents And then what if I get cancer and I ain’t got no insurance All my days are moving faster and it’s making me feel dizzy How come I get nothing down but always feel so busy

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6 Responses to “Jeffrey Lewis Anxiety Attack – sous-titres français”

  1. lordstradbally says:

    great video. Represents the song really well.

  2. philipchek says:

    Merci pour tom message. Je traduis ce qui me correspond. Et aussi pour que les français s’intéressent enfin un peu au talent de Jeffrey Lewis.

  3. ViolaFromBelgium says:

    tu chantes ce que certains vive au quotidien,
    c bon,clair ça…

  4. ccheskis says:

    always.. couse you know you’re good

  5. philipchek says:

    Un encouragement 🙂 ! Merci !

  6. ccheskis says:

    very good Phill!

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