keith richard´s panic attack

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25 Responses to “keith richard´s panic attack”

  1. jcmangan says:

    3 schoolboys, pardon me… 😉

  2. jcmangan says:

    I too can not see the panic attack… I must be blind… 🙁 All I can see is the King of guitar and two school boys…

  3. jcmangan says:

    @pageponpai You might be right on this bro, I just read a line by Charles Bukowski today: “Only awful people play guitar.” Although I like playing the guitar this guy might have been right… Just wondering…

  4. pageponpai says:

    what a noize … too many guitarists spoil the broth …

  5. wipers86 says:

    that was some panic attack he just played his guitar all the way through lol fucking dicks who put shitty lies out there it’s just as bad looking to see if there’s a new trailer for a film and people make there own up with clips out of the films before like spider man or batman honestly don’t they have a life to be that sad

  6. flashpadxxx says:


  7. jpvicious1 says:

    ronnie remains cool at all times

  8. hambone9119 says:

    @gyrofoam1 im going to say 50/50 but agree somewhat, my fave stone tunes have always been keith, My Fave Song from the stones is litttle t&a.

  9. gyrofoam1 says:

    @hambone9119 that pretty much sums up what the viddy is doing on YT with the Heading that makes people (as you can see from other comments) feel like they’ve been scammed. Which they have – it’s an evasively-titled commercial for AC/CC. Also, AY plays nothing Like Chuck Berry, lol, he’s in a totally different space. “Didn’t experiment” i.e. never explored anything or Went Anywhere, which the Stones did constantly. They put out more great records in their 1st 4 years than AC/DC did in a lifetime

  10. hambone9119 says:

    @gyrofoam1 Whatever dude Keith And Angus both rule and Ac/dc are still around because they are an incredible rock band like the stones both influenced by chuck berry, Except Angus didnt experiment where as Mick Jagger did and in doing so made some of the stones shittiest albums of all time, Dirty Work being one, Saved Only by the Awesome Mr Keith Richards.

  11. gyrofoam1 says:

    It says “Keith’s panic attack”. Where does this happen? – I watched it twice but didn’t notice it. Re, angus Young – it’s easy to see why the Stones are still around while AC/DC have to have a ‘re-union’ to see if it’s possible to bring their old fans out of the woodwork and make some money. A.Y.s playing is shite – he can’t play the blues and doesn’t know when to take a breath. The guy has no Licks! – just a continual single-note squealing over Everything from the start of the song ’til the end

  12. lastwhitewoman says:

    KEITH??? A PANIC ATTACK??? LMAO!!! THAT GUY??? Ever see a fat chance? Yeah and ya won’t either. Nice try but i watched just to see my main man do anything.

  13. texaspete33 says:

    total cunt whoever posted this.

  14. DHScherocha says:

    Arsehole with the misleading text.

  15. doirevomba says:

    Keef; panic attack? nuff said

  16. willwelsh816 says:

    damn that was a big ugly mess, it sounded like everybody was having a panic attack trying to be louder than the next guitarist.

  17. ChudFapper says:

    Remember to flag the video for having misleading text. It’s under spam

  18. Zefirki says:

    No Stones – without Brian Jones.
    Nothing but chaos! 🙁

  19. kennyben says:

    @DLRisVH …and Malcom looks like a miniature version of the early David Gilmour.

  20. bewi12 says:

    @DLRisVH holy fuck, he does!! xd

  21. Semente200 says:

    @DLRisVH AhAh Ah, you´re completely right! Very funny!

  22. XTdarkgainTX says:

    i couldn’t finished this video… put the min when gets panic attack plz

  23. swiggy58a says:

    I agree with Strawberry7Lynn. I don’t see a “panic attack”. I see a bunch of people having a great time! Keith looks at ease and relaxed as hell!

  24. anjanauom says:

    Oh hello! Have you tried anxiety zero technique (It is at Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend pretty much cured panicks with it.

  25. hbnacho9 says:

    yiaaaaa y cual era el fomoso ataque de panico? tu maldito idiota me carga cuando hacen esas weas de poner un nombre falso jodete fuck off

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