Let’s Talk About: Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Episode one of our new mini series called “Let’s Talk About…”! We will be covering a new topic in each episode, so please feel free to suggest future topic…

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3 Responses to “Let’s Talk About: Anxiety and Panic Attacks”

  1. Fernando Topaz says:

    I was living in an Israeli city near Gaza where I was making a short film
    there because the Palestinians launched rockets day and night even when I
    was sleeping I could hear the rockets falling… at that time I didn’t knew
    what a panic attack was and I didn’t feel anything wrong… just nervous
    because of the uncertainty. Years after I had a moment of enormous pressure
    and I started to shake… I was 25 years old when that happened… I never
    thought it could happen to me… I’m extroverted and kind of confident
    about my self but the human body has it’s limits and now I know that when
    you surpass those limits your nervous system collapses. I didn’t know what
    that was until this past few days where I saw a video of a fan of Angelina
    Jolie saying that she was having one and the video went viral that I
    decided to check what a panic attack was and I just discovered what that
    was. I never had other again but I have that sensation of nerves sometimes.
    Certainly some strong things can unchain those attacks but in other cases
    just seeing a certain kind of person or being in certain kind of situation
    can trigger it. I had some symptoms once before in a party where I was
    complete stranger and that feeling of uncertainty (I’m safe?) starts to
    emerge… that was one year before of the main and principal attack and I
    was 24… in exchange I got stronger and my nerves are like iron in
    situations when before I was nervous… somehow the nervous system rebuilds
    it self and gets more stronger in certain situations like a guy that was
    trying to intimidate me once and I was impressed how I didn’t feel any fear
    at all even when in the past that same situation would be enough to being
    in the psychological defensive status called fear with lots and lots of
    adrenaline in the blood. Fear is necessary and exist for that reason…
    being alert. But too much and system collapses. My family and even the
    doctor told me that I have a mental illness and no one ever mentioned those
    words… panic attack.

  2. Like3moAMAZINGG says:

    If I was having a panic attack in public and someone asked me if I was okay
    I would just feel so embarrassed /. but reassured 

  3. Taylor Swann says:

    you guys are my favorites

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