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I’m very neurotic at times. This is my update on my struggles with coping with a severe panic disorder. See my original article on Anxiety Here: http://lizka…
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  1. fabio elito says:

    how am i suposed to watch this without an erection…

  2. greg smit says:

    I struggle with the effects of bipolar, depression and some anxiety daily.
    I’m still trying to get my meds situated properly but I know that can take
    some time. I’m also about to change doctors which I’m not looking forward
    to. I did find a support group and they’re national and it’s good. Let me
    know if you want their info. 

  3. disturbedx1000 says:

    I have a minor form of schizophrenia, and with that comes some Anxiety.
    When I am under stress, hurt, or upset I fear myself. I struggle to keep
    control over who I am and I get scared of what I might do to someone. When
    I change persona’s I black out, and I have no memory of what my other side
    does or has done. Basically all I know is that I am violent and I call
    myself Ravage. It rarely happens but lately because of issues I feel my
    control slipping and it hasn’t been easy, and I’ve been having more anxiety
    attacks because of the struggle to keep control.

  4. chris Bryson says:

    Anxiety is a weird one. I can get up on stage and sing infront if hundreds
    of people but after when they all wanna talk to me I’m shitting myself,
    shaking and feeling very uncomfortable. You’d never know it coz on stage I
    jump around and act like a different person. It’s just a persona. I
    struggle with youtube videos tho. Red light syndrome. Haha.

  5. Dex Luther says:

    +Liz Katz I know this a more serious video, but my comment is not meant to
    be a joke. Have you tried smoking pot? I realize it’s not exactly legal in
    all states (yet), but a lot of people have had great results from it.

  6. taltigolt says:

    I have deep depression near suicidal thoughts severe anxiety panick etc my
    mom used to hit me lost contact with her back in 2005 i was like 10, i was
    bullied in my school, and i was recently harassed by tons of people due to
    their jelousy and hate resulting in my youtube channel that i worked on
    since i was like 15 nearly die, i really hate my life in every way possible
    you have no idea how much it means to be reminded that i am not alone it’s
    horrible to feel alone when being like this.

  7. Str8upbrah says:

    My anxiety has been debilitating and have been agoraphobic for some time.

    Wish there was just a switch of attitude to where I can get out and travel
    and soak up the world.

    I’m so eager to learn and do so much.


    Liz Kats…….i have Panic attacks record them and put em on
    youtube…….you are Beautiful

  9. Alfredo Larios says:

    I have a chronic masturbation problem and you arent helping lol.

  10. Sona, Maven of the Strings says:

    Why do you always have your boobs showing out like that in every video? Not
    that it’s a bad thing but how you can expect people to focus on what you’re
    actually saying?

  11. Austin Geary says:

    Hey, I’ve been dealing with some serious anxiety lately and this has
    totally helped me realize that I do the same exact thing! I imagine all the
    possibilities of what could go wrong. Whenever I drive over a bridge I
    imagine what it would be like if the bridge collapsed and I died. In fact,
    I imagine my own death in a variety of ways every day (I’m not suicidal

  12. deltaangelfire says:

    One of my best friends has an anxiety disorder. I think living in the
    middle of nowhere Kentucky helps her out though. It’s great that you can
    still do what you love in spite of it though!

  13. Dr34mHunt3r says:

    I believe that your anxieties are normal in the sense that you’re aware of
    possibilities that can happen. Your anxieties grow when you let the
    thoughts snowball. It’s a survival mechanism. I’m sure you’ve been advised
    in many ways as to how to deal with it. I know that I can easily fall into
    the same spiral of insanity if I let myself.

    You need an anchor to help you focus on when you feel like you’re losing
    it. When you start losing yourself, find that light, the anchor that’ll
    ground you. Be it your family, a belief, whatever it may be that will help
    you get your mind off of it.

    When I was younger, I watched some pretty freaky scary movies like The
    Grudge. The main ghost girl scares the crap out of me and I would be afraid
    of the dark because of it. But I had a hero in my mind, Ryu from Street
    Fighter, who would appear and do his shin Shoryuken on her and I’ll feel
    better. When my mind is all chaotic because I’m fixated on a certain
    subject, I will reassure myself that whatever happens was meant to happen.
    I grow, I adapt.

    I know I don’t suffer from anxiety as much as you do comparing my own
    situations, but if simple tactics can work for me on some pretty serious
    things, semi-beefed up versions of it can bring about change for you (if
    you’re still suffering from it now).

    Have an anchor, fixate on it when your mind starts going crazy, breathe,
    believe that things will be alright, and if they aren’t take certain
    precautions to do so. There’s a notion that I stand by: always safe (kinda
    like those maxi pads). If you learn how to protect yourself and those in
    which you love, then the anxieties well lessen a bit. Trust in your
    abilities, trust in certain things in the world, not everything, but many

    As a psych major and student to a counseling program I’m about to partake
    in the next few years of my life, these topics and super interesting to me.
    And, if I can help people out along the way, then that’d be great!

    Nice guys finish last because they’re not finished being nice. Mada mada!

    I hope you can better adapt to your anxieties.

  14. Liz Katz says:

    My daily struggles with a severe panic disorder. 

  15. Christian Rokicki says:

    Hi, Liz, I also suffer from wretched anxiety problems too and I often find
    that a nice hug is really helpful. And if she is hugging me and also
    whispers softly in my ear telling me I am loved and everything is going to
    be fine, it feels good and I will feel better in a few minutes as the
    torment of my loneliness melts away. Sometimes the worry will go away for
    the whole day or at least until the next hug. It works good at night too if
    the hugging turns into sleepy cuddling. I will do the same for her too
    because I love her so much for being so nice and besides it is only fair.
    Take care and try not to worry so much. Good luck.

  16. Dan Sudek says:

    look up Niacin i use it for my anxiety also i take lithium orotate almost 2
    years medication free, good luck

  17. Gerry Delafino says:

    What a narcissistic perverted cunt !!!!!

  18. cold00snow says:

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  19. hagakure8398 says:

    i came here for the boobs

  20. TheWARSPAWN says:

    my girlfriend have something similar….she gets really anxious when we go
    to conventions or concerts or in family events in which a lot of people is
    at home….I have tried to help her and I think we are doing a really good
    job…maybe you just need someone to be with you when you go to conventions

  21. Shandyisdandy says:

    Yeah when you’re in the element panic usually subsides. My disorder all of
    a sudden came 6 years ago. Totally foreign to me. I remember having to
    leave the lights on with my ID out, the door unlocked and 911 preprogramed
    in my phone. It was crazy. Then finally Xanax came along. Now I don’t
    have too many episodes of the heart attack business. Yeah, tell yourself
    it is just in your head… LOL, rationality doesn’t help because it is
    irrational. There are 2 sides of your mind that disconnect during a panic
    attack. The adrenaline dump is what brings on the freak out. Anyhow,
    either drink a lot or take Xanax.

  22. FMFvideos says:

    I have sad (social anxiety disorder). YAY

  23. Upierczi Leonheart says:

    I have panic Attacks…and I know all those symptoms… the Nausea, the
    headache, Feeling dizzy… it is just awful… and people don’t understand
    how does it really feel… they think it is very easy for us to just
    relax… once the panic attack has started it is kinda difficult to stop it
    from happening

  24. My Bipolar II Diary says:

    Luckily my anxiety is not as severe as yours, but my method of coping is to
    play out in my head the worst case scenario. I’m usually panicked over
    something small like being late or getting lost. By playing it out I
    usually find that even if my worst scenario comes true, my world will not

    In your head, the world will end though so maybe not the best advice lol!

    Love your vids xx from Australia

  25. George Kirlis says:

    Perception.Everything is a matter of perception.Anxiety is
    natural,especially if it is triggered by fear.Thinking that everything
    around you is a potential death trap is also natural because it’s
    true.People get hurt,injured or even die in the most ridiculous ways.
    Social discomfort also isn’t bad.Being unable to feel comfortable with
    people,no matter whether it’s one person or a crowd,doesn’t make
    anti-social…simply means that something about those people makes you
    uncomfortable around them.Having a similar problem,when I am with distant
    relatives I feel really uncomfortable or when I make presentations to
    my colleagues but that is only because I become the center of
    attention.When I take the bus or attend the class I feel perfectly fine
    because I am a part of the group without being it’s center.And it sounds
    like you have a similar problem with conventions.
    I really enjoyed this video and I am glad you made it.Not many of us tend
    to speak about our anxiety issues which only makes them worse.Thanks for
    sharing this with us :)

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