Living with Health Anxiety – Panic Attack :(

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (3)

I wish I could just stop the thoughts….that’s the main trigger for all my physical symptoms 🙁 **My mascara is smeared….
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3 Responses to “Living with Health Anxiety – Panic Attack :(”

  1. Caridad Bernardino says:

    Same here …..its like im watchingmy self……

  2. mystery8881 says:

    do you ever take benzodiazepines? I know you shouldn’t take them every day
    but I don’t think it’s that bad to take them like at least once a week if
    your anxiety is that bad. 

  3. SisterofTheMoon63 says:

    I also have health anxiety. I know exactly how you feel. I take Lexapro
    which is an antidepressant medication. My health anxiety is connected to my
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I keep checking my body for lumps and bumps
    etc. The Lexapro helps with the depression and it also helps with the
    compulsions to keep checking myself. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy also
    really helps with health anxiety. Please consider seeing a health care
    professional if you are not already doing so. This thing can really ruin
    your life. I know. I speak from experience. Take care and you are not
    alone. xxx

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