Men trigger my anxiety & panic attacks?

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12 Responses to “Men trigger my anxiety & panic attacks?”

  1. Limerick502 says:

    Girl, you are the best! Guys trigger anxiety in lots of women. Your
    experience is one of many you are going to have. As you get older, you just
    learn ways to deal with them. Did you have your Docs on with the leggings?
    I ask because I started wearing Docs to be sure that if a guy approached me
    badly, I could kick the stuff out of his stuff First thing is that you are
    learning to accept your physical appearance in so many ways. But, just as a
    female subscriber, you are really pretty. You will accept that and own it.
    Second, most guys can be clumsy with how they approach you. But, as a woman
    who uses public transportation, you just have to be careful. My mom told me
    wherever your main route is, always have at least 2 alternate ways. I know
    the dude had been watching, especially since he said he wasn’t a burglar.
    No situation is the same for each woman. Sometimes, it’s best to just keep
    walking. Other times, it’s better to actually just say Thanks, smile and
    keep going. One thing I want you to know absolutely:no man will comment on
    your derriere positively and mean the opposite! Just doesn’t happen:)Only a
    woman would say something like that. Women can be vicious sometimes.

    Your flannel shirt is so gorgeous! Can I borrow it? (Big grin) I saw it and
    was like I could have worn it with my chocolate tweed mini and my Dr.
    Martens Bridge boots yesterday to work. I wore some patterned brown
    leggings,too. My best friend at work said I looked lovely. He’s utterly shy
    and I was so touched. I still adore these boots:)

    Much love to you!!

  2. lauren7620 says:

    I get like this with men as well. You are not a lone. Keep fighting, we can
    do this together <3 xox 

  3. Morraghan Johnson says:

    You Know Right When I Saw The Tittle Of This Video I Thought “Really
    Someone’s Going Through This To” I Mean Because It Happens To Me To. Like
    This Boy At My School Just Gives Me Really Bad Anxiety And It Sucks And
    There Are TWO Of My Cousins That Are Males They Also Give Me Anxiety Like
    Males Give Me Anxiety As Well And It’s Kind Of Neat To See That It Happens
    To Other People As Well. And Remember If You Ever Need Someone To Talk To
    I’m Here Everyday :)

  4. Polly Wolly says:

    Really appreciate your video as I suffer from anciety and panic attacks for
    many years, also.
    I usually get them when I’m out by myself and in crowded places or in
    places where I’m all alone. So my surroundings should have the exact amount
    of people 🙂 it’s weird what your mind can do to your body. Also had an ED
    for many years which probably led to the panics.
    Keep fighting and I think your videos are extremely helpful for anyone in

  5. Ruby lazo says:

    I need help, idk if I get panic/anxiety attacks . Whenever I am around
    older guys i feel like screaming and I feel scared and want to scream but
    it only lasts for like 3 min idk what I have and I feel like I’m naked or
    something . Please help 

  6. MadCupcake38 says:

    Fab video. I know what you mean about anxiety occurring over the littlest
    things. You can feel so hyper sensitive to everything and it is really
    overwhelming. I understand the anxiety that comes when guys show interest
    in you, it seems weird to me that anyone would bother speaking and being
    interested in me and it makes me question a person’s sincerity a lot! I
    have particular anxiety around groups of people (eg typically group of loud
    or outgoing teenagers) because I always think I’m going to be picked on or
    harassed by them and get hurt. I know that is due to the fact that a few
    years ago I was assaulted by 2 girls who followed me off a bus and I still
    get very wary when being in a confined space with ‘groups’ of young people
    and I still can get panic attacks and high anxiety when that occurs.
    Love your videos and I hope you are having a lovely day ^_^

  7. Lindsy Thompson says:

    i can totally relate to ever video you make 🙂 you’ve helped me so much and
    i couldnt thank you enough! I’ve had random guys older than me try and
    flirt like that when I’m alone and i never under stand why because of my
    ed. Sometimes i feel like I’m progressing with you as i watch your videos,
    I’d that weird idk keep it up though!! :)

  8. WinterRose says:

    This is exactly how I feel. Especially combined with the fact I feel very
    vulnerable in public without this fear, it can feel awful. First of all, he
    was not making fun of you when he complimented your bum. No guys do that;
    they are also very clumsy with how they approach and speak to girls, and
    are often unaware of the anxious effect they can initiate upon them. He had
    no right to approach you in such ways and speak in such a tone. From this
    one interaction, this man was obviously quite an arrogant and overconfident
    character. As you said there was the possibility he had been watching you
    for quite some time, I suggest you find another route to travel with. Even
    just having a backup route will make such a difference.
    Another point to make is maybe wearing something that makes you feel safer,
    preferably some type of hard sole shoes. They’ll most likely never have to
    be utilized, but they may give you a more solid sense of security. So maybe
    wear your Doc Martin’s?
    As a female subscriber, and somebody who genuinely doesn’t say lies; you’re
    an extremely pretty person, Becky. Nothing will change that, and I hope me
    saying this doesn’t make you uncomfortable.
    Also, something that’s been severely scaring me lately, to the point I
    can’t leave the house, is the fact I feel terrified if somebody walks
    behind me. I only get this fear with strangers, men only, and it’s quite
    worrying for me.
    Hope you’re well. x

  9. Bianca van driel says:

    Bex i feel exactly the same as this i get so anxious and scared even when
    following a boy or when a boy is following me so don’t even get me started
    with how i feel when a boy actually stops me and talks to me

  10. JellieBean23 says:

    I get anxiety over everything, answering the phone, talking to new people,
    speaking in front of people, paying at the till, ordering food etc. I’m a
    very nervous self conscious person at times then overly confident. I fell
    uncomfortable around older guys too. And some boys, not that I’m around
    them often at all lol. Good luck with dealing with your anxiety, it will
    get better xx

  11. Elizabeth Fawkner says:

    Believe or not, there’s an easy all natural remedy can easily assist you to
    eliminate panic attack

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