MUST DIE! & ETC! ETC! feat. Anna Yvette – Panic Attack

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MUST DIE!, ETC! ETC! and Anna Yvette with Panic Attack. Out now, Enjoy the music! ○ Beatport: .:::Follow MUST DIE!:::. Facebook – …
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25 Responses to “MUST DIE! & ETC! ETC! feat. Anna Yvette – Panic Attack”

  1. NUTELLA IT'S BLUE! says:

    this music suits BF4.. when buildings drop..

  2. Hassie Karpinsky says:

    Its still surprise me just how a lot of people do not know about Zomopanic
    Eraser although lots of people kick away their panic attacks forever with
    it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about this. I’ve totally get rid of my
    panic attacks, and finally kick away my anxiety problem forever.

  3. somexrandomxguyx says:

    Ey bro, give him some space. We obviously all know you know evrything about
    music structure. (sike)

  4. NaeJoy says:

    The drop is when the main section of the song bursts into life from the
    intro or bridge sections. “drop” isn’t a section of the song.

  5. 12hoyebr says:

    I’m sure you were trying to be funny, but no. That was probably the dumbest
    comment I’ve read in a while.

  6. ajdrocker27 says:

    I pooped myself

  7. T. Tallis says:

    Well, the sound just goes waaaaaaaa x 8 or whatever. it is repetitive.

  8. JuiZyy ~ Editor/Gamer says:

    I like it 🙂

  9. Ben Stereomode says:

    that is so amazing!

  10. Elliott Ives says:

    I love EDM with female vocals! Great song 🙂

  11. T. Tallis says:

    Why are you telling me what a drop is in reply to me saying this shit’s

  12. andy long says:

    No he doesn’t it’s a drop … which means it can’t be “repetitive”

  13. Niklas Meyer says:


  14. Pyroo0 says:

    chills when she sings omg

  15. GulleHamster says:


  16. lola boa says:

    i just love ittt !

  17. Sami Iskandar says:

    Which genius spelled Panic, “Panick”?

  18. Dominic Eros says:


  19. Christopher Harrison says:

    Holy fucking balls somebody out there please remix this song 100%
    chillstep. These lyrics are next level. But the drop really killed the song
    for me.

  20. Ruben Kamphuis says:

    Oh god, this is good~


    this song fuck my ears .. oh gods that’s good !

  22. Curtis Pearce says:

    Obviously you just need to obtain bigger subs, this drop is perfect for the

  23. JackWolf10 says:


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