My Experiences with Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, GAD, PTSD and Depression- Ben Miller

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Ever since my first panic attack back in 1994, and in the years afterwards as things worsened, I coped with it all by drinking alcohol and eating in large qu…

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10 Responses to “My Experiences with Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, GAD, PTSD and Depression- Ben Miller”

  1. Dammit Janet says:

    i have the same conditions. i had severe agoraphobia, but i cured myself
    of it, you can, too. i’ll make a video about it to share how i did it.
    YOU CAN DO IT, i promise. 

  2. Amy Crane says:

    I hate panick attacks in my sleep panick attacks of out of nowhere

  3. TheShinobidog says:

    Thanks for this. probably the best description of a panic attack i’ve
    heard. Hope you’re doing well.

  4. TheApril2969 . says:

    For you. Be patient and compassionate to yourself but start moving out.
    Fear cannot hurt you. It just feels awful but listen to nice music or a
    relaxation tape and take it outside with you. You can do it

  5. mightmark1 says:

    Hang in there. Keep taking on step at a time. You have the core values. 

  6. Amy Crane says:

    I’m bipolar I understand

  7. TheApril2969 . says:

    Your afraid of your fear. You went out and had anxiety attacks so now your
    afraid of them and become a prisoner in your home. I cant get over how
    weird this is. Im so sick of it. If i get mad about it i get more anxiety
    lol. I have to play my music all day to keep my thoughts calm and relaxed.
    Month by month i see improvement. Dont forget to grieve and process your
    pain. Sad songs help get the deep grief and pain out. Dont stay stuck
    buddy. Please start moving through this stuff. Life is waiting

  8. TheApril2969 . says:

    Part two…. out of my head so im not generating anxiety all day but
    practiceing peacefulness. Im improveing . My husbamd is very supportive . I
    wish you the best, you will get better. Take baby steps,

  9. TheApril2969 . says:

    I have ptsd and agoraphobia from the panic attacks. I spoke w a
    psychologist on the phone untill i was able to go to her office. It took a
    month. Now i can go to a small store or the library. What helps is taking
    my dog with me when i drive. We would go for rides together and when i
    would cry he would crawl on my lap and lick me. I also laugh . Just laugh
    at the obsurdity of it so i dont take it so serious. I always have my ipod
    playing ocean waves or rain or slow sweet music as this keeps me

  10. Ben from Donate My Weight says:

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