My greatest insecurity: Agoraphobia/Panic disorder

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This is my tag for 25 facts about my greatest insecurity. I’ve enjoyed listening to everyone’s tags! If you have any questions regarding this subject, commen…
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25 Responses to “My greatest insecurity: Agoraphobia/Panic disorder”

  1. Lani Nabote says:

    I followed the all-natural remedy and begin noticing effect soon after
    [time frame to see result]!

  2. Bradley Fround says:

    The good thing here! You’re able to treat your panic disorder effectively
    using organic method, remove the root cause of your issue

  3. Hal Mathew says:

    Hal again. Send instead to my book account:, tnx

  4. Hal Mathew says:

    Hello Tab – I’m listening to you as I”m typing and am excited to have you
    read a book I’ve written called “Un-Agoraphobic.” It won’t be published
    until Fall/Winter, but I’m looking for some agoraphobes to read it for a
    possible review. I suffered 30 years and have been free for 20. Yes you
    can too. If you’d like to read online my “book” and communicate with me
    about it I’ll send it. I cover EVERYTHING you’re talking about You’ll be
    free, you’ll see. Hal

  5. Dan Aylestock says:

    Where you on some kind of medication while making this video? you look
    drugged lol no offense.

  6. Tab Vlogs says:

    I really wish people who don’t have it could realize it’s real and it’s
    HARD. Sorry to hear that you are suffering as well. xoxo

  7. Tab Vlogs says:

    @Lovesenduringpromise We are so much alike! Glad you added me on FB!! 😀

  8. Tab Vlogs says:

    SO sorry!! 🙁 Big hugs!!!

  9. jenny mar says:

    <3 ya!!

  10. Tab Vlogs says:

    @81kphelan Aw, thank you so much for being supportive! It means so much. 🙂

  11. Tab Vlogs says:

    @RAZACHILD101 I am so sorry. This is an awful way to have to life. I have
    been improving! I try to get myself out of the house more and it’s
    definately not easy but it has helped a lot. The more I get myself out, the
    easier it is for me. I hope you can get better and start coping. Sending
    you positive vibes!!!!!

  12. sunietatum says:

    I do not have agoraphobia but I do have panic disorder. I have a lot of
    trouble with it and especially since I have had my daughter and I have not
    been able to take any medication for it since I was pregnant and now
    breastfeeding. I am also a silent panic attacker and only my husband can
    usually tell me that something is wrong. So I definitely feel your pain.
    Your brave for doing this video because I couldn’t:-)

  13. rockbay79 says:

    You nailed it!!!! This is exactly what I suffer from. I’m 50 years old, a
    male, and retired after 20 years in the military. The last couple of years
    in the military I was hospilized twice, they thought I was having a heart
    attack. When I retired I was classified as 100% disabled because of this. I
    have been on medication for the past 12 years and attended CBT classes. I
    seldom leave my home, have few friends, and can go no place without my
    wife. I hope you get better. I’ve gotten worse.

  14. Alex says:

    Dam.. You basically described me with your 25 facts.. Im 24 and ive had
    anxiety for about 7 years now.. Ive recently closed myself in.. Its been
    about a year since ive touched my car or went anywhere.. It sucks bad.. I
    was always out and about.. I loved driving.. Now im afraid of leaving my
    safe zone 🙁 But i do feel way better then when i first started getting
    them.. Its just sad that i allowed it to close me down last year..

  15. Tab Vlogs says:

    @TaintedBeautifully Bless your heart! Have you considered doing YT videos
    on here? This has changed my life!! I am able to go places!! (not just
    anywhere but more than I used to be able to)

  16. Tab Vlogs says:

    Aw, thank you! I was so scared to talk about it but since that video, my
    life has turned completely around. I still have panic attacks and major
    anxiety but I have had more GOOD days than bad lately. It’s been amazing. I
    have been going EVERYWHERE and experiencing everything I can while I am
    doing good. In the back of my mind though, I am so scared to return to the
    darkness. Gonna keep my chin up and try to encourage others with this to
    get better too!

  17. Tab Vlogs says:

    lol! Nope 🙂 Just me! haha

  18. Kathryn Fearn says:

    i have everything you have got apart from i cant go out at all apart from
    when i really have to i have had enough of this…. it controlls my life

  19. alyssa chasteen says:

    I anticipate any get togethers unless they are last minute I almost always
    want to cancel. Panic has robbed my life I get many panic attacks a day had
    to quit my job and cant tolerate medication. I have a 3 year old, my fear
    is also him developing this and him hating me because I can’t physically be
    there at times, I am in therapy and it helps but I am nowhere near the
    person I was a year ago when this all started. I can recall my first panic
    attack, what I ate that day, and exactly how I felt.

  20. TUCKER ZONE says:

    I have Issues with Crowds and walking into a room or a store where there
    are too many People Thanks for this Upload it’s a Shame that a lot of
    People Don’t really understand these Disorders, One Question what is Normal

  21. Lovesenduringpromise says:

    Tab, I have had anxiety since I was VERY young. I cannot be around huge
    amounts of people, I get embarrassed so easy, tense, and nervous. I hate
    it. I have overcome a lot of it only through Christ, but it’s still a
    struggle. I have panic when people come over my house too, I avoid
    situations too. WOW, we sound so similiar. I feel like it means I am not
    strong and I am not ‘christian’ enough..but it isn’t through my strength
    that I do make it through at’s Christ’s strength.

  22. Michaelisonfire says:

    My take in short. Some people understand… Some ppl dont. Some ppl will
    try to make fun of anxiety.. but forget about them. They will either mature
    and begin to understand or they’re just not worth pursuing friendship with.
    The ones who understand will help those who suffer from anxiety to cope
    with their condition. Surround yourself with understanding people and your
    confidence will grow. It may be a slow process but think about the progress
    ppl can attain by befriending little by little

  23. Goobegooboo says:

    I’ve missed out too, on so much. I don’t go on holiday, hardly see people,
    rarely go shopping, this Agoraphobia has truly destroyed the quality of my
    life. I am not housebound, I can go a few miles say 4-5 miles, but I don’t
    enjoy it. I hate shops, or busy places…I also worry about having to
    engage in conversation with people…oh it goes on and on and on! now I
    have general anxiety disorder just to put the cherry on top…

  24. TheNakedWombat says:

    I’ve seen someone go through this stuff. Looks bloody awful.

  25. cyanjus says:

    Thanks for sharing this with everyone! I miss out on so many good things in
    my life because of being scared. It’s nice to know that they’re are others
    who are going through this and not just me. Thanks!

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