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Symptoms of OCD OCD symptoms vary from mild to severe. They include obsessions (thoughts or feelings) that make you feel distressed or anxious, and compulsions (actions) which you feel necessary to perform to cancel out the obsession. It is most common to have both obsessions and compulsions, but you can also have either alone. You may have more than one obsession and/or compulsion. The most common obsessions are: thinking or feeling objects are dirty or contaminated worrying about health and hygiene fear about safety and security, for example, doors left unlocked or appliances left switched on pre-occupation with order and symmetry religious or anti-religious thoughts disturbing thoughts about aggression or sex the urge to hoard useless things You may carry out compulsive behaviours to counteract the anxiety caused by your obsessions. These may be obvious actions, or just things you do in your mind. The most common compulsions are: checking to make sure things are safe (such as gas taps and locks) cleaning and washing, either yourself (eg, hand washing), or your surroundings repeating acts in a particular way mental compulsions (eg, repeating certain phrases or prayers in your mind) ordering things for symmetry or exactness hoarding or collecting things that are useless Compulsions are usually related to the type of obsession you are experiencing. For example, you may repeatedly wash your hands if you have obsessions about dirt or contamination. You may feel that
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22 Responses to “OCD”

  1. ufoslover says:

    i love this part 3:10
    he Finally got the peace

  2. ufoslover says:

    this is most amazing video about ocd on youtube
    thumbsup if you have ocd like me

  3. honeybunnyhj says:

    I use to have OCD like this.. Now I get paranoid.. I have to get up like 15 times and check if everything is unplugged like the toaster, straigthener and yea.. and if I dont i get thoughts that they will get plugged in again and start a fire. I also have to make this weird nose with my mouth and smile everytime I leave a room.

  4. xXxTeashxXx says:


  5. whatyouchating says:

    He may have OCD but at least he’s got clean hands.

  6. xin0 says:

    i think i have OCD too..but not as bad as this guy.

    I just like my hands being wet when it’s dry as crack.

    maybe I should jump off a building too:)

  7. GraceArchell says:

    *Sad face* Was that bit at the end edited or did you really go up onto a roof because that is far too dangerous for me to not tell you off about.

  8. alexhope77 says:

    Real OCD goes even to more extremes (esspecially with the details), like:
    not touching that dirty water in the sink after washing the hands, or closing faucets with a towel, etc. I have OCD, but not with handwashing or cleaning. But I’m aware of what goes through the mind.

  9. YOZcreative says:

    ow what a sad video…..I hoped he decided to take on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy rather than taking his life. Its definitely worth it for all out there with OCD!

  10. momoville100k says:

    There is a few guys in my OCD Support group who have washed so much over the years there hands are chapped and broken from all the cuts they have received good work on the video

  11. davlin2 says:

    excellent work on a very difficult subject

  12. MrOurkid says:

    gets the desperate plight of OCD across. OCD’s tough, no joke – but you’ve gotta keep the faith.

  13. IoanRomania09 says:

    Prayer can help. Say daily Akathist to Jesus you can find by doing google on “akathist to jesus”.
    To make sure you’re not sick do in first 24h hours from powerful OCD anxiety a urine and urine with sendiment test.

  14. eerietube says:

    Major props mate. loved the angles!

  15. UberDarthVader says:

    man you don’t even have to click HQ for this, it is already great quality!

  16. HinchyFilms says:

    Yeah I know.

  17. ultravirgin says:

    he looks like kathy bates

  18. BatmanDirector says:

    A good and simple idea,…

    but is weird….

  19. knwurselfjizz says:

    so bizarre!

  20. Poolofblood05 says:

    powerful 3 mins 42 secs job well, done friend.

  21. themiff says:

    My best friend died in 2005, and had always dealt with this. Not so much with hand-washing, but other similar issues. We’ll always wonnder if his overdose was accidental…

  22. davlin2 says:

    A great film about an absolutely terrible condition.

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