OCD Vlog 3

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Hey everyone…so im REALLY late on posting this video, it was done about a week and a half ago i think…i ended up talking for almost 40 minutes and had to edit it down to under the 10 minute limit!…im still getting to know iMovie, so please forgive me if my editing skills are crappy lol….. Im trying to stay on top of these videos, I just get so worried about whether or not im making sense and how people will percieve me…if i stated something incorrectly, please feel free to let me know…but please do it kindly! Hope everyone is having a great week! if you’d like to know the name of the video i watched its called “Discovery Health: OCD: Improving Diagnosis, Maximizing Treatment” it is one of the very few fairly recent videos discussing OCD treatment and whatnot…its VERY educational and taught me so much…k thanks n see u later!
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11 Responses to “OCD Vlog 3”

  1. HellYeahhhhhh says:

    Ur a cutie.

  2. ImExtraGood says:

    There are alternative cures to OCD like Ayahuasca. People need to know this.

  3. homeandawayisawesome says:

    I have OCD too. I don’t have it as sever as you do but I definately get everything your saying. It’s really hard to deal with.
    Good luck.

  4. wallydogful says:

    i have ocd so bad that if something happens to me in life out in socciety i cant get it out of my mind and for the past seven months now i took a stand and have been in my home now with no life and nothing but myself and my family for support i have terroble fears of bad things happening in society i have so many what if possibilities in my mind all the time where i just could no take it anymore and now this is what it has come to i just never would have thought.

  5. bobdigi88 says:

    Hey i’m 30 years old and still don’t want to get help cause i’m embarrased. But one day i will. And it’s because of vids like yours. Because you have the courage to talk about it. I count everything i do and it’s getting me down. If i don’t count and don’t count the right way? Then i worry i may have made something bad happen. Sounds silly but that’s what happens to me. Anyway you are beautiful and i hope one day i wil be as brave as you. Take care.

  6. Christalisdetermined says:

    hey Yvonne! aww you are very sweet! yes OCD is RIDICULOUS! it never makes sense which only drives me more nuts cuz u can never win a battle through the compulsions! so yours deals w/ food? like contamination & theres only certain things that are “safe” to eat? u dont have to answer if u dont want, i understand 🙂 and i have 2 videos that ive made but ive just been editing them (obsessively, i admit) but they will be up within the next couple of days *i hope* take care and hope all is well! 🙂

  7. lostlittlegirlygirl says:

    hey GORGEOUS!!!:)OMFG how beautoful are u!OCD SUCKS ASS.Ive had bouts throughout my life…..Compulsive behaviours for me at the mo around food yada yada……..Anyway keep up with th evids(no pressure!)becoz ill be watching u mwahhaha,muchos love*Yvonne xxxxx

  8. Christalisdetermined says:

    yes actually..i actually havent even gotten my license yet because i have obsessive thoughts of worrying/ paranoia that i will be a bad driver and really hurt someone or myself…ive been in a few car accidents and i think those really had an effect on me, as well as my fear of being alone which i will discuss in an upcoming video…hope that answered your question! 🙂

  9. BandytaCzasu says:

    Does it affect your driving?

  10. Christalisdetermined says:

    thanks for commenting! yea i took a look at that video, and i had NO idea that people were making jokes about epilepsy with trick videos…i had a cousin who died from an epileptic attack and a younger cousin who has seizures, and they are no joking matter, i cant believe people would do that. I will gladly spread the word about your video to anyone I think might benefit from it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Beautifulrealities says:

    I do the exact same thing with my handwriting. In grade 5 I had to have my eraser confiscated because of how many times I would erase things. Sometimes I’ll even redo whole charts and things because they don’t look ‘right’ to me.

    You’re so right about it not being funny. I hate when serious conditions are made fun of. Speaking of that, if you want to, please take a my Epilepsy mockery video.

    It would be much appreciated. It’s not getting many hits at all and I was hoping it would…

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