OFF! – Darkness / Panic Attack / Upside Down

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Songs: Darkness/ Panic Attack/ Upside Down

Songs: Darkness **** Attack Upside Down OFF! is made up of Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks), Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides), Mario Rubalcaba (Earthless/Hot Snakes/Rocket From the Crypt) and Steven McDonald (Redd Kross).

Songs do express the mind’s eye to all perceptions about feelings strangely intermixed with reality ,which touches us to imagine many emotions bordering on happiness and sadly mixed with panic attack sometimes .

Panic Attack:an expression

These attacks , which primarily consists of the fear of experiencing a difficult or embarrassing situation from which the sufferer cannot escape. Panic attack are commonly linked to agoraphobia and the fear of not being able to escape a bad situation.

As a result, severe sufferers of agoraphobia may become confined to their homes, experiencing difficulty traveling from this “safe place”.[14] The word “agoraphobia” is an English adoption of the Greek words agora (αγορά) and phobos (φόβος). The term “agora” refers to the place where ancient Greeks used to gather and talk about issues of the city, so it basically applies to any or all public places; however the essence of agoraphobia is a fear of attacks especially if they occur in public as the victim may feel like he or she has no escape.

Panic Attack affecting social activities

In the case of agoraphobia caused by social phobia or social anxiety, sufferers may be very embarrassed of having an attack publicly in the first place. This translation is the reason for the common misconception that agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces, and is not clinically accurate. Agoraphobia, as described in this manner, is actually a symptom professionals check for when making a diagnosis of panic disorder. Other syndromes like obsessive compulsive disorder or post traumatic stress disorder can also cause agoraphobia, basically any irrational fear that keeps one from going outside can cause the syndrome.[15]

Panic Attack cures:

This is  simplicity personified cure,as suggested but only as a temporary measure.Many sufferers as well as doctors recommend breathing into a paper bag as an effective short-term treatment of an acute panic attack.[22]

However, this treatment has been criticised by others as ineffective and possibly hazardous to the patient, even potentially worsening the panic attack.[23] Critics say that this technique can fatally lower oxygen levels in the blood stream,[24] and increase carbon dioxide levels, which in turn has been found to be a major cause of panic attacks.[25]

It is therefore important to discover whether hyperventilation is truly involved in each case. If it is, then re-balancing the oxygen and CO2 levels in the blood and/or re-establishing an even, measured breathing pattern is an appropriate treatment which may be also achieved by extending the out breath either by counting or even humming.[26]

However to avoid all confusion simply click the image below >>

the best panic attack treatment available.

For an indexed overview of all (((unartig))) recordings please go to OFF! live in Brooklyn, New York City at Club Europa on October 21, 2010.


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25 Responses to “OFF! – Darkness / Panic Attack / Upside Down”

  1. MrKamaljoy says:

    Hey there! Have you considered anxiety zero technique (Go to Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy pretty much cured anxiety with it.

  2. vulturehusband says:

    great music…..

  3. Arrivald says:

    Congratulations for the cameraman for recording the bassist during the solo.

  4. happysnack2 says:

    YES! Of all the covers ive played with my band, keith morris’s nervous breakdown ep when he was back in black flag is BY FAR the most fucking fun shit ever.
    keith is a legend

  5. KsideHb says:

    saw these guys live……. freakin legend.

  6. TheJerksTC says:

    the most true, hardcore, punk, and most raw 3 minutes i’ve ever watched.

  7. smeltedcheese says:


  8. cuzcus says:

    This IS Hardcore, nowadays every shit with repetitive accords and drums people call hardcore, dumbasses.

  9. EarthBoundMisfit96 says:

    @volimsir Wow! Fuckyeah!

  10. frankiewantstosee says:

    Needs to come to Arizona. Now!

  11. DeathHateandRemorse says:

    These guys need to come to Toronto Ontario!

  12. rottenjames says:

    fucking awesome new stuff…hell to the yeah!!!!!!!

  13. troyleeelsdon says:

    Wait a minute…I thought Green Day was punk.OH WELL you all better throw out your lady gagagoogoo cds.

  14. slye1991 says:

    @gloubloux amen

  15. 5050NM says:

    Spread the word. Punk is back!

  16. volimsir says:

    I’d never say he’s older then Rollins, he looks great for a 56 year old.

  17. LouReedsBooks says:

    I was always love it when you see three different songs in a three minute video

  18. engineofhorror says:

    Meat sword GOOOOOO!

  19. crpimachine says:

    no acting here…. raw passion in his face starting at 0:14 all the way through.

  20. TheFacelessK says:

    wow so much better than moder jerks !! sounds like the young circle jerks agian Finally keith morris comes thru

  21. RancidPunk93 says:

    my time machine to the early 80s

  22. gloubloux says:

    And punk was saved….

  23. daytona104 says:

    Thanks off! So good…..

  24. mikehuntisbleeding says:

    this is exactly the kind of stuff that got me into punk rock – no bs just in yer face angst and fun

  25. mikehuntisbleeding says:

    best band alive

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