Oscar Oasis-Panic Attack (Funny Cartoon ever)

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Panic attacks are frightening and if you are a sufferer from them, you are probably looking for some way to alleviate the torture of going through them.
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25 Responses to “Oscar Oasis-Panic Attack (Funny Cartoon ever)”

  1. Abdullah Binafif says:

    G mh

  2. dinhtuyen030469 says:

    U hay nhỉ

  3. Vincent Van Gamer says:

    These fundamentals are being reintroduced in some unexpected ways. Might I
    bring up those dreadful ponies with the brilliant writing?

  4. Alanis Mercedes says:

    [iminent=W2UBxhUL1VEE] ojo con lo k dices esto es un programa de tele k
    habeses los ninos no lo pueden ver y lo buscan en internet _____________ I
    have just posted an awesome Wink!

  5. sin bipsin says:

    oh i love watching this cartoon

  6. Jax009 says:

    Believe it or not, YOU helped me discover this show. Not just Popy, I adore
    a lot of the characters on this cartoon, ESPECIALLY little Oscar. Wish
    there were a little more female critters on it, just to keep it
    interesting. 😀

  7. DrBerIin says:

    This thing is so cute. It’s like the lizard version of the Scrat animations

  8. zzEpicFujoshizz says:

    I hate the chickens

  9. thao nguyen says:

    hay day minh ten la thao co gi giup hihihi

  10. Vincent Van Gamer says:

    or episodes, am I right? I didn’t see it coming.. But I think I’m getting
    Popy in particular more fame myself. Introducing her character and the show
    to people and they’re falling in love and entering the same state of mind
    that I did for the watching experience, related with the villains more than
    the naive protagonist.

  11. Mohd Azary Ibrahim says:

    I loves this cartoon on Disney XD!

  12. Vincent Van Gamer says:

    why the dislikes? I fell in love with this cartoon instantly. I’s not
    really ripping anything off, It takes inspiration from several things it
    seems, but it comes together to make something unique and clever as hell.
    …also seductive Popy for the win.

  13. Damu Bebulu Burit Jugat Tesat Nyumpit says:

    hehe..thanks 4 the positive comments from you’ll…i will try to upload
    more oscar-oasis and other cartoon on my channel later..i juz want to
    upload a better quality video…gt many cartoon but with low
    quality…:-D….anyway GBU all…

  14. chrisnovea says:

    Best cartoon ever

  15. jdogg67333 says:

    Where is the volume warning on this one?

  16. dinazz fairplay says:

    sumpah kocak gilla nee cartoon hhahaaa

  17. Nhân Trí says:

    like it

  18. Mskkthomas says:

    Oscar is so cute! and i love how most of these has them striving for

  19. Ngô Xuân Toàn says:


  20. Jax009 says:

    Ah yes, those ponies. The experiment that went HORRIBLY RIGHT! XD Now if
    only Oscar Oasis could get a little more love in the states.

  21. Theresia Selvina Arif says:

    Oscar, I really like your movies do you have account on twitter ? please
    follow me @Selviarif 🙂

  22. Jax009 says:

    You do realize the generation you’re talking to, do you? Unique, clever,
    those words are alien to them.



  24. Vincent Van Gamer says:

    ahhh well I’d like to tell you that this show was in a sort of beta state
    for a while, in which Popy’s prototype was a completely different
    character, a MALE fennec named Panic, which, while cool, I must say the
    final product is.. MUCH more appealing. This early version also featured a
    recurring love interest for Buck, I don’t know the name however, might have
    never been given one, like the skunk, dung beetle, and meerkat characters.

  25. Cartoon Network says:


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