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Last night I couldn’t sleep and really started feeling anxious and crazy

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25 Responses to “PANIC ATTACK!”

  1. Armaninabz says:

    I suffer panic attacks and anxiety and u suffer from bad acting

  2. maxmmo says:

    Oh hai! Have you heard about anxiety zero technique (It is at anxiety0.info)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my father pretty much cured panicks with it.

  3. dihan09 says:

    Hello! Have you tried anxiety zero technique (Go to anxiety0.info)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cooworker pretty much cured panicks with it.

  4. WVMale83 says:

    I’ve been there and done it through the years, I use to freaked out real bad when i had a panic attack but over the years i was starting to control it. You just gotta keep your brain busy when you’re in the panic mode, Trust me! There’s chemical imbalanced in your brain that doesn’t get enough the right cells and it causes panic attacks on some people, Turn the negatives into postives by focusing on your favorite hobby or something that you like to do. Try it!

  5. ulises5801 says:

    agregate a river.g.la.ss@hotmail.com

  6. ogastasii says:

    She obviously doesn’t know what panic attack means.

  7. ObsOfAnEarthCitizen says:

    I’m working on curing myself for the longterm, and with tricks to calm down for the here and now… Folllow me on my blog daily and youtube weekly… My blog link is on my channel… I’m just here to to help, my hope has been kept up by the people here on youtube – I just want to return the favor. We all will get through this!!!

  8. crossdavidl says:

    I’m curious if things are working out better for you.

  9. AherinMR says:

    Im being treated for a panic attack diorder and agorafobi sooo …

  10. Seiferzed says:

    panic attacks don’t have a reason when they come , thats why they are called attacks , you don’t think about how your stupid daddy is controlling you with money , when having a panic attack i actually don’t think at all cause nothing makes sense and i feel that not just me but the whole world is dead and nothing has a reason to exist , thats why its worse than any physical pain and it is extremely a cruel feeling , if you never had what i said then you should feel fuckin lucky 😀

  11. laughingHawk says:

    This looks like a wannabe actress doing a bit for school or some sort of audition or something. This sure as hell isn’t a panic attack as it is a venting video about daddy. If she is acting….it’s pretty bad acting IMO

  12. RapLibrary says:

    perhaps its wise to look at the tags of this video first before you think this is real…omfg you are all fucking stupid.

  13. mansichaudhry says:

    Its an absolutely horrible thing to happen! Have suffered it in the past. I highly recommend doing the Art of Living course, which is a 6 day course teaching some excercises & breathing techniques. It has awesome results! Plz check online for info abt it. Its happening in 140 countries.

  14. PureGraceEvangelism says:

    Please go to my channel and see my testimony. I used to suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and agarophobia. I have been set free for over 5 years. No meds, no “panic away” or “linden method”. You can be set free too and it won’t cost you a dime. GOD bless you all.

  15. johnnyolsen100 says:

    Anyone wondering how to get rid of this thing should definitely have a look at h t t p : / / s i t e s . g o o g l e . c o m / s i t e / 3 5 4 a 2 0 t

  16. PureGraceEvangelism says:

    Please check out my channel. I used to suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, ocd and agarophobia. I no longer suffer or go through any of it. I have my testimony on how I overcame it all in “my uploads” section on my channel. Please see it…you can be saved from it with no meds, no paying for any “techinique” or paying for anything. It’s not a sales strategy…it’s my true story. Love you all.

  17. dida079 says:

    @Bobofet241 Your right..noone should joke about it cause its a very scary thing to go through

  18. coconuta2 says:

    Woa, this Tara chick is pretty hot.

  19. Shoxk says:

    Feeling anxious? Don’t worry, I’ll kiss you and you’ll fell relaxed

  20. Zekee27 says:

    cute self-promoting video to put on your port-folio… btw there are real people out there with real problems, why dont you f off

  21. littledudemark5 says:

    Not funny.

  22. N1ck1Sk123 says:

    Do you know what is really good for Anxiety?(it works everybody!!!)this is what you do…you stick your finger in your butt hole then smell it for 10 mins you will not have to take zanies anymore …it works!!!

  23. tungstenfusion says:

    A good way of relieving stress is some some good-rough sex; or rosehipps/chamomile tea- :)>

  24. fathersonnholyspirit says:

    @JESUSISMYSAV I used to suffer BIG TIME with this crap! I have been completely delivered from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, ocd and much more for over 5 years now. No it’s not a, “you gotta pay something” nonsense. I want to tell as many people as I can because I am completely healed of it all without having to a pay cent! Check out my channel or go to my site: fuentesevangelism . com. You will not be disappointed!

  25. marifioso says:

    Check her channel, She is an actress

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