Panic Attack?

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sorry this video is SO long, I literally talked for over 45 minutes and this was the shortest I could edit down to* ZOELLA’S VIDEO:…
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7 Responses to “Panic Attack?”

  1. Random Encounters says:

    Even if you didn’t help ANY of your viewers with this video, you can feel
    good knowing that you helped YOURSELF. Hugs <3

  2. Justen Kimball says:

    Great video Stacy! Most people don’t truly understand what it is like to
    have panic/anxiety attacks. I’m sorry you had to go through all that. I
    know the feeling all too well. Panic/anxiety attacks, depression, manic
    depression, and other issues. It’s really great that you can talk about it
    openly now! If you ever want to talk on the subject just shoot me a
    message! Keep the good vibes!:)

  3. Ronnie Santos says:

    This is really cool! I’m glad you were able to share this. I hope things
    are becoming much better for you. :] Hopefully we can hang out sometime!

  4. Mary Somers says:

    Eye opening..I have many friends near and dear to my heart that have this
    disorder. It shines a bright light in some dark corners of life. Glad you
    over came your fears and were able to address this. No one can know how it
    feels till they’ve been there. How to see you again one day. ~ Evans Mom ~

  5. MaleSpy007 says:

    Glad you could share this on the internet. Not only does this help you
    become a more self-aware person but can be an example for other people who
    suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. These disorders can cause mental and
    physical stress but should not be looked at as a weakness. You go gurl for
    being so strong!

  6. Mike Carranza says:

    We meet again. StaceFace.

  7. StaceFace says:

    I was inspired by @zozeebo and decided to tell my Panic Disorder story…

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