Panic Attack After Smoking Weed? Marijuana Paranoia Video Diary #44

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25 Responses to “Panic Attack After Smoking Weed? Marijuana Paranoia Video Diary #44”

  1. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

    +Este Mic Your comment was one of the most articulate, insightful comments
    I’ve seen on this channel– please contact me to let me know you got this
    message and put Este Mic in the subject line so I know who you are — Bryan

  2. Forty1Second says:

    I smoked weed between moderately to constantly at different times between
    15-20. Never had a single issue I actually loved it. One day out of nowhere
    it made me feel like shit and ever since then no matter how hard I try it
    only gets worse every time I try to smoke. I just turned 26 and pretty much
    gave up on weed by about 22. I could never enjoy it anymore as I used to. I
    still get the urge to feel that old feeling once in a blue moon and try it
    but the results are always the same-feel like shit! What’s weird though is
    usually whenever I’m coming down I finally get that happy high feeling but
    that small portion isn’t worth the bulk of the high feeling depressed and
    shitty! I find that Vicodin gives me a very different effect but the old
    happy and euphoric feeling weed once did but I refuse to take pills I only
    did whenever I got fucked up at work, had surgery and needed them. I even
    tried smoking a L one day high on the pills and feeling so great but all
    that ended up happening was it made me go outside and throw my damn
    medicine down the sewer because I was paranoid of becoming a junkie. Weed
    is such a huge mindfuck and it used to be amazing! Idk wtf happened to me?

  3. inofe says:

    thanks so much for this video. explais soo much why i started panicking
    from weed when i turned 20

  4. Paul Watson says:

    Yeah,used to have the same problem up till about 5 years ago when my group
    started smoking nothing but home grown…….seems the street shite was
    being laced with PCB, liquified Spice and other chemicals to make the shwag
    the guy was selling to everyone look good……..used to get these God
    awful panic attacks but when we switched to H.G. the attacks stopped as did
    the headaches and upset stomach that everyone in my area complained of
    every so often. Hope that helps.

  5. sirjcmr1978 says:

    I’ve done several videos (they’re on my channel) on this also- how can I
    get them on your channel?

  6. FleetwoodMacadamia says:

    still gonna feed my kids weed

  7. Brian Walker says:

    If smoking weed makes you paranoid stop. Problem solved. If you’re allergic
    to an antibiotic do you keep taking it? Pretty simple. I have panic attacks
    on weed and in my day to day life. Why would I continue to take a medicine
    that makes me have a negative outcome.

  8. pspabp says:

    This guy is deep.

  9. Richard Harris says:

    I started smoking weed at 15 and loved it by 18 1/2 the panic started I had
    to quit .it’s been 9 years and I have tried smoking here and there would
    still get the panic is it all in my head ?

  10. Noam Mayer-Deutsch says:

    really glad you’re back with videos! i dug the switch away from the
    “scientific masculine voice” today

  11. mikkaila tennar says:

    Thank you so much for making this.

  12. Matt Venable says:

    hello, i smoked weed for about a year straight. ( smoked on and off before
    that) and just about a month ago i smoked and had a severe panic attack (i
    was hospitalized). i have never had anxiety before that. i quit smoking
    after that but ive had strange symptoms and headaches ever since then.

  13. Chad Pipkin says:

    I’m battling with this right now and would really like some help. 

  14. 33flyboi says:

    Great info……

  15. Corey Manno says:

    o high! 

  16. Bryan Basamanowicz says:

    On the scientific and spiritual anatomy of the weed freak out

  17. Kyle Jaber says:

    I smoke weed everyday, all day 

  18. Este Mic says:

    I need some help! When I first began smoking cannabis I loved it. I didn’t
    feel anxiety (if only a miniscule amount), I could be wildly creative and
    shed parts of my ego to tap into a perspective I enjoyed. I couldn’t smoke
    all the time, so I smoked few and far between (my family didn’t approve and
    I was a minor). One night while smoking better quality cannabis (perhaps
    within that year of my first time) I got VERY high and even felt incessant
    waves of tingles crashing into my body for the first time. All I could do
    was lie down and ride it out. For what seemed like hours, I meditated in my
    mind and had this out of body experience that was incredibly unpleasant, as
    the scenario turned into a quasi-Christmas Carol where my conscious guided
    me through my past, present, and future. It was quite scary for me- being
    that I didn’t expect something so intense- and I’d not really had such a
    perspective on my past before. Everything I saw seemed to shame me and
    expose my guilt, my selfishness, and my faults (mind you, I was going
    through turbulent times in my life and had some harsh emotional issues
    through a divorce between my parents and coping to live with step-families
    and such). I was moved to tears with this experience and it certainly did
    change my life for the better afterwards (as any sort of humiliation or
    guilt will hopefully improve your moral compass). The problem is, I’m not a
    bad person. I may have a healthy amount of insecurity and do try and
    cultivate my empathy for people and improve myself as a person, but I don’t
    do anything that would be “fucked up” by anyone’s standards. It may be
    because I was brow-beaten at times for [really] trivial shit, but I wonder
    why it’s cannabis that severely brings this feeling of deflation and
    disgust with myself out- because when I’m not using the substance, I’m
    perfectly fine with the person I am and am cognizant that I can have
    control over my expression and my stake in social dynamic. Ever since that
    moment where I “tripped” and had to uproot my current worldview and change
    it for what I felt was better, I’ve had the same experience while being
    high. I’m hyper aware of myself and I become incredibly insecure that I’m
    harming someone in some way (and I will ruminate and slip back into the
    checklist for if I’ve done things right or wrong). I hope someone can help
    me, because I do enjoy the effect of this plant on my creativity (aside
    from the typical accelerated heart rate and paranoia).

  19. Ty Rice says:

    I smoked weed heavily for 3 years… I’m almost 19, I stopped about a year
    ago because I got really bad paranoia… I loved it so much and I was
    convinced I was going to smoke it until the day I died also I never got
    paranoid about smoking it… But a couple of months before I quit I started
    getting these weird subtle paranoid feeling about my neighbour smelling the
    smoke and calling the police… Keep in mind that I’m from the UK and they
    aren’t really bothered about recreational smokers as long as you’re not
    dealing… It slowly started to get worse… Then one night I had a huge
    panic attack… I was forced into quitting but I tried a couple more times
    and the same things happened… So I just had to stop (which I did) but It
    didn’t stop there now I have constant paranoia about the smell of my
    cigarette (I started smoking cigarettes again) and everytime I cook I get
    paranoid about the smell… So yeah it’s really fucked my life up… I
    skipped some details cuz this comment would of been bigger than it already

  20. Giovani Gonzalez says:

    Yeah my first time was crazy my heart was beating like crazy and I felt ill
    throughout the high 

  21. lazymonkey1623 says:

    im 19 ive smoked since i was 14 and recently i had a panic attack so bad
    that i had to go to the er just to find out that it was a panic attack.
    what should i do i havent smoked in almost a month and im planning to use
    it again but what should i do if it occurs again?

  22. ThePretzelHead says:

    – So many young people using a very strong energy and in large
    quantities… just hold your horses, kids… Like the good Doctor Mellow
    says, build up your mental, physical and spiritual core before you separate
    from them. 

  23. shawdy1969 says:

    Over 20 years ago ,a fuckd up e made me unable to even enjoy caffeine
    without panic, these days I can smoke weed freely panic, free, I laugh in
    the face of it on weed. If you feel anxious here’s a tip, just say “do it
    mother fucker bring it on anxiety”

  24. AugustAdvice says:

    Thanks for making this video!!!

  25. WeedParanoiaVideos says:

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