Panic Attack by Florrie (Fred Falke Extended Mix)

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Florrie’s Panic Attack (Fred Falke Extended Mix). The 6 minute version of this remix is available as a FREE MP3 music download at The video was filmed and edited by Florrie and Toby in the grounds of Xenomania HQ, Kent, in March 2010.

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25 Responses to “Panic Attack by Florrie (Fred Falke Extended Mix)”

  1. vincentsedubun says:

    wow thats Fred Falke

  2. bernoc25 says:

    2:18 – 2:24 How cute is that!

  3. minibabba says:

    grazie Fred, questo brano mi aiuta a sopravvivere in un momento davvero da paura!! bacioni – you are always the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. bbboywaxr says:

    Absolutely amazing track. This girl is on the road to fame.. hope for the best for her!!!

  5. Anjeann says:

    I love the way she dance

  6. jasonchow888 says:

    Quite the funky tune…

  7. 21nikkip says:

    wicked remix. spotted on popstarRoulette .c om but love all of it!1

  8. headkandywhore says:


  9. Elevatress says:

    “my name is Sky. And im a florrie addict.” – “Hi Sky”

  10. colekrieger69 says:

    this is fucking awesome, i need this to be on my ipod

  11. Pintoleite3 says:

    you look so happy

    i like the song

  12. nafco13 says:

    she is so super hot!

  13. kumquatsta says:

    you are so talented, thanks for the free download

  14. Fa6Fa6 says:

    I’m addicted to this song. Can’t stop playing it all day.

  15. mateuszostas1982 says:

    Florrie You’re the best 🙂 thanks for uploading 🙂

  16. Fooly says:

    The chorus seems like a mixture of roisin murphy and ellis bextor. Really good.

  17. Cheifen93 says:

    haha Fred SLAPPIN THA BASS

  18. LucianoBsqts says:


  19. sidhead says:

    Really liking this, good work ! x

  20. arod1122 says:

    I love it! 😀

  21. mrdomn8 says:

    what a legendary track!!!!

    loving the sound

  22. GalilChris says:

    im not sure, but i think its the xenomania house 🙂

  23. GalilChris says:

    haha i love the scene of you running around in the park. soo cute 😀

  24. Strogger1985 says:

    is this a pool outside at 3:47 ? Nice enviroment u got over there! 😉

  25. celsiustheory032 says:

    Amazing 😀

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