Panic attack caught on film! (day 45)

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So there you have it, me in full panic mode caught on tape, its a side not a lot of people have seen.. Dont forget to add me on Facebook!! http://www.faceboo…

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25 Responses to “Panic attack caught on film! (day 45)”

  1. Zoe The Dust Bunnie says:

    When I get a panic attack I literally feel like im having a heart attack
    and im gonna die! Its almost like im in a tall skyscraper and its falling
    and falling about to crash to the ground and theres nothing I can do about
    it. I cant talk or think. Sometimes I wont get an attack but ill just have
    high anxiety non stop for hours. Its ridiculous the amount of people who
    suffer from this everyday of there lives. 

  2. Andric LibreSinn says:

    I’m very sorry that this afflicts you. I hope that it makes you feel a
    little better that you helped me understand it some more.

  3. Alex robinson says:

    I’m 16 I’ve been getting them since I was 7 , I’m so used to them that I
    can have a full blown one at school and everything will be casual no one
    ever knows the pain I suffer through at school…. And I’m scared to sleep
    I have the tv on full blast and he lights on and some music on… I always
    think I’m having an asthma attack and freak myself out I recently started
    getting anxiety lumps in my throat they suck so bad

  4. LaBellaVenere says:

    i know that feeling :(

  5. carr metcalfe says:

    i too have panic attacks daily i eat right excercise have 2 kids and one on
    the way and excercise does help but it isnt the be all and end all i find
    the balance of rest and activity helps more mine stems from a childhood
    problem ive blocked out but dont know what it is i hope that everyones
    comments help you 

  6. kittykatBflat says:

    I decided to watch your video because I felt one coming on. I have been
    cleaning the house for 3 hours took 2 mg ativan. Hoping it will go away
    soon. Watching this made me feel like I’m not alone.
    Thank you.

  7. joey JoJo says:

    Thank you for your honesty.
    You know your coping skills!
    You are right and so smart.
    I wish I had had a group like Youtube.
    True…You are soon going to look back on this with another who cares.

  8. kupulisippi says:

    i have these panic attacks too. few days ago it started when i was in shop.
    i started to sweating first and then my hands start to shaking and heart
    was beating so fast. it feels like i cant breath. had to leave my stuff in
    shop and get out of there as fast as possible.. so annoying

  9. JustAGuy says:

    For the people who are having panic attacks, exercise will help make you
    feel happy. I mean, it’s not about liking the exercise, it’s the physical
    exertion that releases chemicals that, well, simply put, just make you feel
    Also, as you already know, you need to fix the thing(s) that are causing
    stress and running through your head that you don’t feel good about.
    You probably don’t feel like doing this, obviously, or you already would
    have, but please, please take my advice and just start working out. Just
    give it 20 minutes for your first day. I promise you will feel better an
    hour later and the rest of the day.

  10. Richard Moore says:

    OK i am sleepy and tired but i want to tell u all something its now 3.34 in
    the morning and i want to give u a bit of insight here .
    *i have panic attacks when.
    *i drink and the next day.
    *i do any drug including herbal the next day.
    *when my girlfriend stresses me the next day.
    *when i have a bad dream wake up boom.
    ——–the worst ones are when i drink and mix so i try not to drink.

    the cures i have found is not to go on anti depressants at all none ko
    don’t do that
    when i have a bad one i walk it off this does work
    try rose hip some drink called bob Marley mellow mood works well for me !
    go for a run when you run your body does not see the difference in heart
    call a friend a close one talk!
    sleep it off go with it! <----- don't recommend this always also look at your diet red bull,caffeine,tea its a no no increases your heart etc leads to a panic attack sugar drinks no again.the best way to pull your self out of a panic attack i look threw videos of my self having a panic attack and snap my self out of it it does work for me hope it works for u i say to my friends panic attacks are the worst thing you can experience trust me ever....... we all know this.i have panic attacks because a life changing event happened to me i did too many drugs almost died ever since i have bad panic attacks find your trigger keep memos why or what happened it help to keep a diary.hope i helped you all x

  11. Taylor Blue says:

    I feel u

  12. Palmira Federico says:

    I’ve had an anxiety attack before at school not so bad where I start crying
    and going crazy but I started getting light headed and I passed out and
    I’ve been having small panic attacks like this where I talk to myself or to
    a camera a lot about my problems or random stuff then I get emotional and I
    keep talking and stuttering and I repeat things. I do what you do. I don’t
    know if this means if I have an anxiety disorder…?

  13. Mariana Saldivar says:

    This happens to me too :(

  14. john N says:

    Your attack is JUST like mine. My heart races, I feel like i can not
    breathe, and I think i am going to die. I keep thinking it is a heart
    problem, but 2 doctors told my heart is fine. I work out 3 times a week
    and bench well over 405 pounds, and i walk 5 times a week and each walk is
    over 2 miles. It does make me feel better knowing other people feel just
    like me and i am not crazy.
    thanks for your video.

  15. doonbiz says:

    Trust me, this woman is NOT having a “panic attack”. She might be confusing
    PA with anxiety…but a panic attack finds you curled on the floor and
    certain you’re about to die. They typically last about five minutes.

  16. A.R. Vidau says:

    The key to ending panic attacks forever is knowing how to stop it as soon
    as it starts. I’ve heard this from many people who got cured using a
    program called 7 minutes to serenity.

  17. Frank Hughes says:

    I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for over 10 years. Do some
    research on magnesium oil, just type in here on YouTube, magnesium oil

  18. matthew lee says:

    i get Panic attacks i always feel like i am going to die i know what your
    dealing with it sucks aye 

  19. Trudragon88 says:

    Guys this is a real panic attack. I go thru this constantly !! Sometimes I
    think I’m losing my mind and I feel the need to get up and walk around . I
    get quiet all of a sudden and all these thoughts rush thru my head. And she
    is definitely right , talking about it while ur having one helps. 

  20. Hendrikus L says:

    I have also panic attachs,but when i have one i can’t talk anymore.Life
    s*cks this way.

  21. Richard Moore says:

    wow i end up thinking my hearts going to stop and im going to die feel like
    my hearts going to stop and die i hate it but good on you your taking this
    one well

  22. kevin demar says:

    *If You or Someone You Love is Suffering from Panic Attacks or Anxiety,
    Then This Will Be the Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read..*

  23. Brandon Stewart says:

    3:04 I wish that as well. Hope everything works out for you

  24. T Brown says:

    I have found that using topical magnesium oil and Epsom salt (magnesium
    sulfate) baths brought my anxiety down. Magnesium is a relaxer and also an
    energizer. It is the mineral the body uses to relax muscle function while
    calcium is used to contract and excite. Most people are low on this very
    important mineral because the soil is depleted and we eat poor diets.Try
    the magnesium asap but make sure it is in the form of Epsom salt or
    Magnesium oil which I found works best for me.
    The second most important thing I took to stop my panic attacks and those
    repetitive thoughts of doom and worry was Lithium orotate. Both the Lithium
    orotate and the Magnesium are safe and most people should benefit. Look up
    Dr. John Gray and Carolyn Dean – The Magnesium Solution

  25. Jacylyn Benjamin says:

    Anytime you need to talk I’m here for you. Add me on FB and message me so I
    know who you are. I’m Jacy Benjamin on FB

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