“Panic Attack” (Competitive)

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Panic Attack is an inversely symmetrical map which blends the vehicle action of BTB maps with the tight competitive infantry combat seen in arena maps. Don’t…
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18 Responses to ““Panic Attack” (Competitive)”

  1. POSLENT says:

    This tops 2 and S by way far and a-lot of fun with the hogs and competitive
    game play. Download this because It is an amazing competitive map.

  2. Halo : Forge says:

    Great commentary dude

  3. Homeless Potato says:

    Looks like a great map with lots of variety and good design choices!

  4. WARHOLlC says:

    You pulled off vehicular and infantry interaction so well on this map.
    This has to be one of the most memorable and enjoyable creations from you.
    From your community efforts to your inventive maps, I have to stress that
    the community at large is extremely lucky to have someone like you. You’re
    a rare bird and I’m proud to be your friend. Great job on this! PS – I
    didn’t kill you once, what gives?

  5. GeneralSarbina says:


  6. Crazy Ey3d Luke says:

    You have to get this in matchmaking!

  7. Dustin Nelson says:


  8. TheCrazedSpartan says:

    Don’t have a problem getting custom lobbies anymore. So many awesome
    people to play with from you tube and subscribers.

    Downloading it now. Hope to try it out soon.

  9. SecretSchnitzel says:

    Meh. I don’t like the look of it. The geometry of Panic Station and 2 were
    much more appealing to me. Plus the aesthetics are lack any appeal… Looks
    more lego than most maps.

  10. ZannyVids says:

    Played this map a couple of times with you guys. ‘Twas fun. I do enjoy how
    you merged infantry and vehicle combat together. Caters to my play style
    very nicely.

    This map trumps Panic Station but I think 2 is still my favorite BTB map to
    come out of you.

  11. Landon Stout says:

    Definitely feels like the warthog is moving around the map to find a
    control position. Instead of driving around looking for stragglers like
    most BTB.

  12. sageryan25 says:

    Any reason you went with all-yellow pieces?

  13. RetirementGaming says:

    Seems to be a mix of Simplex and sanctuary 

  14. xXSquallyDaBeanzXx says:

    You added the barriers at the bottom of the jumps! Woo! :D

  15. Infancy says:

    This isn’t competitive. Its btb. 

  16. FLAM1nWaffl3x says:


  17. ChrisAK360 says:

    how can I get into your map play outs GT: KID AK47

  18. Bryan Melanson says:

    Halo customs is worthless. I have NEVER found a good lobby on there. 

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