Panic Attack – Dizangel “Dizzy” (OLD SONG)

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Just a simple song about what I’ve been though – Chorus: Throw up, Falling down thats everyday Looking round everybody saying hey Sweaty hands, Numb legs w…

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25 Responses to “Panic Attack – Dizangel “Dizzy” (OLD SONG)”

  1. VIDGAMZGIRL says:

    Dude il put a vid up if ne playing eaither seek and destroy of for whom the
    bell tolls by metallica then yull hear what I can really do lololo

  2. Royaljamfamz says:

    dope bro dope keep at it u got some talent chuck up a download link for
    this song brah.

  3. XjeraldX says:

    that’s tight! I wish I had a mic.

  4. MrCarolinaMuzik says:

    hey man i seen ur comment on j-storms page and dude u got talent, dont
    bring urself down, being an artist starts with confidence…keep ya head
    man, u can do it..just work at it..practice makes perfect in the rap
    game..remember that

  5. diskidlai says:

    Tight. Forreal, this is nice. Nice Flow.

  6. The7ip3r says:

    dude you are really good !!!

  7. Ryan Delaney says:

    i feel the lyrics bro

  8. XjeraldX says:

    where do you buy one, and how do you edit and stuff? do you hook up your
    mic to your comp?

  9. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    nope thats the beauty of it 🙂 so how u like it is it good

  10. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    @popsyzed oh yeah but i heard that prayer someone else also not jus that
    movie btw which rocks lol but its a prayer thats why i put it on there
    besides that did you like the song???

  11. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    @VIDGAMZGIRL lol its still good to me lol

  12. KidGeniuz says:

    this is really good man, your flow is tight

  13. loufakilla123 says:

    dude its a sad song but nice man 🙂

  14. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    @larooster77 yo whats funny about this dude i have a severe panic attack i
    aint making fun of it im just getting it off my chest writing stuff that
    happens everything you heard in this song happens to me nothing bout that
    is funny

  15. Drama B says:

    idk how he does it

  16. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    @MrCarolinaMuzik thanks but the reason why im negative all the time is
    because i have panic attack which is what this song is bout

  17. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    @PhantomRecordss damn cuz i talk to him alot on msn n i asked if he could
    give me da settings he was about to but i told him no cuz i knew he didnt
    want to i guess its his own settings idk but i really need to know how to
    mix good cuz i have cool edit pro so yeah

  18. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    @The7ip3r thanks man means alot 🙂

  19. 916kurtis says:

    wow dude this song is hella sad :'( im sorry man

  20. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    alrite stop braggin lol

  21. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    @XjeraldX alrite when you need help just hit me up i cant now bout to go to
    sleep lol late almost one and i need sleep cuz i gots exams tomorrow so yah
    i can help you out wit stuff n then we can do a collab im finnaly doin a
    song for selena n i think its gonna be good but its gonna be a whle till
    its done

  22. Drama B says:

    u need to work on ur voice and u need a better mic and mor mixing but the
    lyrics is good……put more feeling in ya song

  23. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    get a cheap mic bro and i can tell u how to edit your voice there r some
    like for 5 bucks mine is only like 3 bucks n yet it dont sound like i have
    a crappy mic and thanks

  24. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    @XjeraldX well i got mine from like a game u know like rock band and those
    stuff but i guess u can try to go to like walmart or best buy or a music
    store by you im not sure they will be cheap tho and for my mic i do hook it
    up to my computer but i can tell u hot to edit and what not when u get a
    mic if u want and tell u whats a good program to use

  25. YoungDizzyBoy says:

    thanks man appreciate it

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