Panic Attack Dream Theater LYRICS VIDEO

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25 Responses to “Panic Attack Dream Theater LYRICS VIDEO”

  1. TeamEternityX says:

    This is the music that’d play while Chuck Norris is taking a shit.

  2. ankita56789 says:

    Oh hey! Have you tried anxiety zero technique (It is at Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend pretty much cured panicks with it.

  3. adri95cadiz says:

    Dream Theater is one of the best f***ing metal bands in the world, and it deserves much more than Justin Bieber & Co. It’s music style is much more original and imaginative. They create songs, real songs

  4. LUCA1974NA says:


  5. LUCA1974NA says:

    Great fuckin’ song

  6. mario5157 says:

    2 people had their mind blown by the sound of how epic this song is

  7. alexis33322 says:

    i hav one of those like 2 times a day

  8. vanhalenbr says:

    I think 2 persons had a panic attack and clicked by accident in dislike.

  9. l3ete1geuse says:

    heard these guys on pandora, been hooked ever since

  10. emipop95 says:

    daily life is strangeled by my stress………suddinly im insain………the room spins…..holy shit when did time fly so fast? i thought i had another houre! ima fail this damn thing!
    i try to run and hid. but its always there!

    thats what im like rite now. im homeschooled and finals are this week and im like…..grrrrrrrrrr evil finals! ad last night i had my 5th panik attack this week ofer the damn tests!

  11. alevd14 says:

    Where am i?? Who I Am???? What a Fuck is happening??????????? Why all you are watching me ????????????? AAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  12. flaskadrummer says:


    You are not the only one my friend

  13. jbilunes says:

    this song is so………. FUCKING EPIC!!1

  14. greenorange75 says:

    This is what happens when I cum. xD

  15. codeagentlital says:

    i think two people just had a panic attack…(:

  16. Ivan96M says:

    two people had a panic attack with the explosions in the video.

  17. Serukk says:

    Were you all wound up, on the edge, terrified?

  18. ArielBAlvares says:

    Yeah the bass intro is not so hard I had only 5 months of bass and i do that!

  19. ArielBAlvares says:

    Yeah the bass intro is not so hard I had only 5 months of bass and i make this!

  20. GamerzPro1231 says:

    I’m having my first panic attack on a school night. I just pulled an all nighter. I feel very scared and I thought I was going to die. This is so scary

  21. ixxwii60xxi says:

    i love the explosion vids

  22. scythmaster1 says:

    2 people dont know music.

  23. TPGCyclone says:

    And I only practiced it for 3 days.

  24. TPGCyclone says:

    I can play the bass intro. It’s not as hard as it sounds. I’ve only been playing for 7 months.

  25. Hurrquah says:

    @xxevilhoneyxx Joey J? Ugh isn’t he from one of those SLipknot or Disturbed bands or something. Try Igor Calavera or Charlie Benante.

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