Panic Attack *Graphic*

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

I seriously can’t stop anxiety attacks for short time then they come back I can’t take the fear of dying its scary as hell.

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25 Responses to “Panic Attack *Graphic*”

  1. L Lawliet says:

    I have panic attacks almost every other day now, and people look at me, and
    laugh like it’s all an act. They say that I’m ‘trying too hard.’ But this
    is what it’s like. To outsiders, it looks silly, but they don’t know how
    terrifying it is when you’re in the body and mind of someone having
    panic/anxiety attacks.

  2. Cattin Shalashaska says:

    I have panic attacks when it’s noisy, or when I mess something up really
    badly… I’ve had them in class a few times and also in public. Sometimes I
    start crying uncontrollably and sometimes my vision is affected. It’s
    terrifying, but nobody seems to understand how scary it is. My head fills
    up with noise and it has happened many times but nobody will help me. My
    own parents think it’s not a problem even though it also links with my
    insomnia and depression. They think I’ll just “get over it” and it’s “not a
    big deal” but I am terrified of hurting myself.

  3. Amy Luke says:

    … I get these but I thought it was just me being an idiot… I don’t know
    if its an attack. I only just realised… I already have depression and
    other shit but sometimes I just break down into a hyperventilating, crying
    mess. Nobody can touch me and I just talk to myself and that makes me cry
    more. I shake and can’t breathe properly. Sometimes I stand and
    pace/stumble around or hit my head on a wall or just lie down tossing and
    turning. It can be triggered by anything… School work, friends, general
    stress… Just anything can set this off… This happens weekly which
    doesn’t sound like much but I think it’s getting worse. Do I have anxiety
    or am I being a stupid paranoid teenager?

  4. nina latyna says:

    i get pannic attaks about death

  5. DevnikMusic says:

    It doesn’t look like you’ve really accepted your symptoms. I can tell by
    the way you’re asking yourself why you have this. You gave this because you
    keep fighting against your symptoms. Even thinking you’re dying can be seen
    as fighting.

    Your nervous system is super sensitive so a small event will trigger
    symptoms. Try making these symptoms worse with your mind, you’ll see that
    you pretty much can’t. There’s a limit to the amount of adrenaline your
    body can put in the blood stream.

    Acceptance is the first step to the cure. Are you in therapy? Do you read
    self help books? Have you tried breathing therapy (buteyko)? Exercising?
    Meditation? All of these things help me tremendously in becoming really
    relaxed. I actually had to teach myself to relax because I never did.

    Try out the book ‘Hope and help for your nerves’, it helped me realize how
    I can cure myself. I’m still working on it, but I’m getting better by the
    day. Good luck. 

  6. Tonya Johnson says:

    I soooo know how u feel, I get on my knees brother and just pleed the blood
    that God will remove my panic attacks/ anxitey! It can’t hurt brother just
    pray and stay in prayer asking Jesus for peace over and over! Poor guy!!

  7. Anthony Condegni says:

    It sux to get them and people around u have no clue what ur going through. 

  8. Cleo0606UK says:

    i have panic attacks once or twice a week and they’re progressively getting
    worse, but i PISSES THE HELL OUT OF ME whenever someone says something like
    “Just calm down” “Quit being over dramatic” “Could you not do this right
    now?” i mean- whenever i have an attack, i literally feel like i will die.
    and i’m already humiliated from having them in the first place and when
    people say this kind of stuff, i feel even worse and more so like a burden
    or a mistake. when you’re having a panic attack, and you can’t breathe or
    tell people why you’re so scared or even rationalize your own thoughts, it
    only makes it worse when you say this. when i have a panic attack i just
    want to be hugged and be told that everything will be okay but no one will
    even touch me and it feels so awful.

  9. Empty Bag of Ruffles says:

    Smoke weed man. the sativa shit

  10. sonicawesomeness says:

    I’m sorry your panic attacks get so horrible. Sometimes I throw up or feel
    like I’m having a heart attack, so I can relate. :(

  11. Baby Dolly says:

    Hi I know what you are going thow I have in Zaidi attack to in Im crazy to
    I can relate to you I’m 24years old in try to get over my fits in I go to
    therapy every week I use be in the metal hospital to for hit my family in
    throwing thing in braking things in cuting my self in tryed to suicide my
    self in I use be into the ICU for going crazy in I was on suicidal watch.

  12. Cormaxx says:

    Have your family doctor prescribe you Ativan or klonopin.

  13. jojojeep1 says:

    stop fighting it , it will kick the hell out of you , brother when I used
    to get them , I couldn’t leave my house for week’s or more because of fear.
    brother only GOD can heal anxiety not doctor’s , they can help , but only
    the peace of GOD can heal. the Lord said I come to give you piece and rest.

  14. Sir Vaant The Silensa says:

    I used to get these too bro in my younger days, I’m here to say that Jesus
    Christ delivered me from them, it wasn’t in the snap of a finger but in
    time as you totally trust your soul into His hands and commit your life to
    Him, He will take them away it’s a promise from Him and His woed declares
    it, trust in Jesus and ask Him to deliver you He will.

  15. aimeemacdn says:

    Hate to say it but medication could help you. Venlafaxine works for me. Six
    years ago I could barely leave the house. Now I can travel to London with
    my boyfriend (I trust him although I still feel wobbly a lot of the time).

  16. Smoke Trix says:

    Wow this is one of the worst ones you’ve caught on video. If this happens
    again you gotta call emergency services because this is getting out of
    hand. I understand you hate these doctors because they do not cure you but
    you gotta get help with this. Just want you to get better it was sad to see
    you go through such pain. Good Luck!

  17. Iva Marie Gutowski says:

    I also have debilitating anxiety and anxiety attacks. I feel your pain
    brother and I understand completely what you mean about mental health
    providers not curing us. We have to keep pushing forward though. I also
    share my mental health episodes and videos on Youtube. By us putting the
    episodes out there I think it helps others know they’re not alone and helps
    to end mental health stigmas. (Which will help research in my opinion.)
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  18. Warpath Will says:

    Hope you okay man, you need to find a nice girlfriend to clam you down when
    this happens to you.

  19. Jennifer Lynn says:

    This is EXACTLY how i am when i have mines .. Then i start feeling like i’m
    crazy and i start freaking out thinking about what would happen if someone
    saw me and if i would get sent to a mental hospital and get locked up in a
    room and how horrible it would be and i start panicking even more and
    throwing everything and crying. Especially if i look at myself in the
    mirror while it’s happening.. my room is full of mirrors and it’s like i
    look at myself with such anger and hatred. i start calling myself names and
    laughing at myself, calling myself a stupid bitch and telling myself i’m
    ugly. It sucks so bad and i don’t know how to get rid of it or stop it. And
    that makes me feel even worst. And my family doesnt even know that i have
    them cause im too scared to tell them cause i know they wouldnt even care.
    I’m not just saying that either, since i was little i would tell my mom i
    was depressed because i wanted help before it got worst and she would just
    tell me i was fine. Now look how bad ive gotten

  20. Michael Pruett says:

    I have been there. Good God, I have been at that point where you are in
    this video and much worse. These kind of issues lead to being medically
    discharged from the military 5 years ago and although I’ve been a lot
    better lately, I have struggled with anxiety ever since.

  21. Colton Larsen says:

    Unprovoked anxiety is the worst experience ever. I always start screaming,
    “This is bullshit!” I really knew how you felt when you were talking about
    being to old for this, panic attacks make you feel like a 4 year old. Hope
    you feel better man, hopefully we get a cure soon.

  22. jojojeep1 says:

    hang in there son , they get less and less the older you get , and better
    yet the more you get them , the more you understand them , the less you get
    , hang tight , if you want to talk , shoot me over some info so I can touch
    base with you , stay calm

  23. Sammy E says:

    I also have debilitating anxiety and anxiety attacks. I feel your pain
    brother and I understand completely what you mean about mental health
    providers not curing us. We have to keep pushing forward though. I also
    share my mental health episodes and videos on Youtube. By us putting the
    episodes out there I think it helps others know they’re not alone and helps
    to end mental health stigmas. (Which will help research in my opinion.)
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  24. TheLittlestAngel17 says:

    I get panic attacks when I’m at a certain height. Especially if I’m in an
    area with steep bleachers. It happened at the Staples Center out in
    California, then again at Carnegie hall.

  25. Erika V says:

    I get like this all the time. Last time I had a panic attack over a
    homework problem I did not understand. I started crying and I ripped out
    pages from my textbook and I started pulling my hair and I wanted to
    scream, but I can’t cause then my family gets really worried and it just
    makes me panic more when I see them worry. I usually lock my door and just
    wait it out which can take a long time. It keeps me from finishing homework
    assignments and I end up over thinking everything. I was on meds for a
    while, but they gave me insomnia so I stopped taking them. It really does
    suck, mostly when you are out in public. 

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