PANIC ATTACK Help (My diary of anxiety and help with panic disorder)

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Panic attacks are the worst thing imagineable. They are awful and the can destroy you. I feel sorry for ANY person who has panic attacks. The cure for panic …
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3 Responses to “PANIC ATTACK Help (My diary of anxiety and help with panic disorder)”

  1. MediaPlusCulture says:

    I was dabbling with Ambien and Xanax (only took like 30 xanax pills over
    like 6 weeks ever, that was about 5-6 months ago, long history with an
    extremldy limited ambien supply, like maybe 36 ambien pills a year for a
    few years) and then I ran out of both and felt ‘fine’… 5 weeks later I
    started to panic pretty hard.

    Pretty sure it’s something to do with the Xanax, even though I had such a
    limited experience with it. I reckon that shit is poison. Serious poison.
    Makes me realise what people mean when they say ‘weed is the only good

    I couldn’t smoke weed for a while there at all. Now that I put more
    distance between me and the Xanax, I can smoke a little again. Like, half a
    joint of shwag an yeah.. I can vibe with it.

    You say you’re taking XanaX? Man, that shit causes panic attacks not cures
    them. Hopefully you’re moving away from that stuff already.

    The thing I find useful was a high carb low fat low protein diet. You know
    how you say you feel a lot of ‘heart symptoms’? I totally feel that. Look
    into what high fat foods (even meat and fish are high fat) does to your
    blood coagulation.

    You’re going to feel much better on a high carb (even sugars and starches)
    diet. Lots of water and sugar. Low fat. Low protein.

    Sounds weird I know, but a good day for me I reckon is about 8 frozen
    extremely ripe bananas in a blender with some apple juice (or your
    favourite) for breakfast. A big salad sandwhich for lunch, and rice or
    pasta with veges for dinner.

    Notice I didn’t mention any meat? Hmm, you can have a little for dinner, I
    guess but I don’t touch that shit personally. This really helps.

    It really does. Mostly I think because it really helps your circulation not
    having all that animal protein and fat pumping around your blood.

    What’s it called? This is called ’80/10/10′ diet. I really can’t rep it
    enough, even if it isn’t the ‘silver bullet’ for anxiety. There’s a really
    great guy on youtube called ‘durianriders’ look him up, he’s awesome.

    Anyways man thanks for sharing man.

  2. Peter Bisson says:

    Thanks! I am no stranger on panic attacks I have them often sometimes on
    daily basis.. I have been suffering from panic attacks for about two years
    now and my family / wife is there for me but does not fully understand the
    pain I am going through so it’s hard on me to say the least! So I
    appreciate your video on this. All of us who suffer from panic attacks or
    severe anxiety have to stick together somehow.. Pete from ca..

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