PANIC ATTACK | Ib Playthrough #5

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “PANIC ATTACK | Ib Playthrough #5”

  1. Sean Bean says:

    Just 10 seconds of this video and im dying laughing. 0:09 XD

  2. TheAverage Hylian says:

    I’m literally screaming at Mark through the screen because he misses the
    most important things…

  3. GlitchCity MissingNo says:

    I H E A R D M A R Y ‘ S S E C R E T ♪

  4. xxGaming Staten says:

    Anyone else hear a noise around 11:46 that sounded like ‘wait’ or
    something. cant tell

  5. Brandon Robles says:

    That’s not how u say her name ur killing me!!!!

  6. Alanj2007 Productions says:

    lol. Lady with umbrella have a boner XD

  7. Randomizzietime POP says:

    that moment when youre just yelling out all the answers for this. for
    example…the part where he finds out about marys secret and he doesnt go
    down to look at the spelled out message and instead reads the book once
    more XD

  8. sophia verbree says:

    I cant wait for part 6. I realy like this game. The puzles are indeed not

  9. Lars Alexanderson says:


  10. Joe The AbyssWalker says:

    what the hell is wrong with youtube they cant keep a fucking layout for
    more than three months before they “improve” it

  11. Kasey Horan says:

    Best video, sadly this is my last till im un-grounded :c

  12. Ayaka Yukari says:

    The blue room with dolls…. Seriously mom, STOP BUYING ME DOLLS FOR MY

  13. idontcaremw says:

    did anyone else notice mark had on a regular show shirt? 

  14. MysticLaian says:

    The blue vases have infinite water, the others (except the one in the room
    with the umbrella, I don’t remember if there’s more like this one) can be
    used once, Mark.

    Also, those dolls… they always scare the hell out of me 0_0

  15. OtakuSkittles says:

    You need to play “Hello? Hell…o?”!!! It’s really good!
    Like this please so he can see it! :3

  16. Noah Stewart says:

    Fun but creepy fact: just before Mark turned off the gas in the room, I
    started coughing. Excuse me while I search my room for mysterious-looking

  17. Katie Sharpe says:

    157 views? Whoo~ finaly I’m early!

  18. ChibiSugar . says:

    17:42 EW. EW. EWEWEWEWEWEW Good Night Chibi goddamnit I have to sleep with
    the lights on.

  19. shinigamisnight says:

    I think he missed the warning about breaking things….

  20. Al3xand3rHyd3 says:

    Mark! go to the lips when you get the chance after this room

  21. SuperQYD says:

    Guertena did have a self portrait.

    Garry is the younger version of Guertena. In one ending, Forgotten
    Portrait, Garry is trapped in a painting and “sleeping”. Part of the reason
    why Mary is negative towards Garry is because Garry resembles her “father”.
    This also explains Mary’s Rampage near the end of the game and why Garry
    knows as much about Guertena as he does.

  22. almostkungfumaster says:

    Nooooo stop breaking things!!!

  23. JabberWokky says:

    Is it me or when he goes through a door there is a faint sound that sounds
    like and xbox 360 notification?

  24. Savanah Perry says:

    Oh my gosh I was dying he kept on reading it lady with her umbrella when
    she was really without I think I’m gunna splode

  25. clonerex34 says:

    “It’s the legend of the CRAZED BUTT-STABBER! Some person stabbed his whole
    family in the butt and he took vengeance…On the world.”

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