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11 Responses to “PANIC ATTACK (KURZWEIL PC3 sound)”

  1. Andres Rebolledo G says:

    excelentes sonidos y ejecucion!! una de las mejores q he visto, saludos!!

  2. Maximiliano Vaccaro says:

    what sound is that (intro)? great job

  3. Sean McQueen says:

    Well played. It sounds very close to the keys stem on Jammit this time. And
    for the people asking about the intro sound, it’s actually an older
    variation of the pig sound, not the sound we all know on SC, Black Clouds
    and so on.

  4. JohnCr Nguyen Tung says:

    tone hay tóa m/

  5. Brian Sou says:

    Much better sound quality on this one. And I also like that you used a
    unique synth patch rather than a Snarling Pig imitation.

  6. Panda Keyboardist says:

    Snarling pig sound we all know on SC, Black Clouds and so on is version of
    Korg Oasys & Kronos. But i use Kurzweil Pc361 :))

  7. Brian Sou says:

    I think the first time Rudess ever used “the Pig” was on Beyond This Life.
    It was called “Matrix Growl” on the sheet music I have. Then of course
    every album after that used that familiar sound which originally came from
    his Kurzweil 2600. The Korg keyboards sample the various sounds from the

  8. Luca Moreale says:

    Great sounds! I have a PC3X and I’m recording a prog CD. Can you please
    send me the PC3 patch of the snarling pig or a mail which explains me how
    to get this sound? I mean the sound from 0:08 to 0:25:) thanks! 🙂

  9. Maximiliano Vaccaro says:

    can you send me snarlig pig sound? or how can obtain this!! for kurzweil

  10. bleh151 says:

    If you want the snarling pig sound it is on his app called SampleWiz!!

  11. Panda Keyboardist says:

    @Maximiliano Vaccaro : this’s snarling pig sound 😀

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