Panic Attack of the Mind (1/3) ~ Satsang with Mooji

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Panic Attack of the Mind: Three Parts ~ http://www.mooji.org (official website); Youtube channels: http://www.youtube.com/moojiji, http://www.youtube.com/Awa…
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9 Responses to “Panic Attack of the Mind (1/3) ~ Satsang with Mooji”

  1. preston bowen says:

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  2. sonia bellani says:

    Panic Attack of the Mind (1/3) ~ Satsang with Mooji´╗┐

  3. shailesh2k1in says:

    have sex.

  4. CrimsonTwinkie says:

    People will only seek truth when they see that there is falsehood. The
    trick of the illusion of ego is that it appears so true that people don’t
    even know they are suffering it. What motivation is there to drop the ego
    when you can instead just fulfill a desire and feel better temporarily? It
    is through recognition of suffering that the desire to be free arises.
    Before this occurs, there is only ignorance.

  5. RadhaKrishnananda says:

    I just don’t understand why people are afraid of asking the question(s)???
    I don’t understand what they are afraid of losing??? Why they are afraid of
    death??? What can be more terrifying and difficult than this life????
    Anything that falls away can only be better. I just never can’t get my head
    around why people are not grasping and running for th questions and for
    letting go. Identity and life only brings trouble, what is there to be
    afraid of? Sometimes I feel I am of a differnt species…

  6. FatFrank88 says:

    What I find helps is just focus on the breath. Nothing else. Keep coming
    back to watching your breath, the in and out breathing. When your mind
    wanders (which it will) you just note it and let it go without
    judgement/analysis…and then go back to focussing on your breath. Nothing
    else to do, nothing else to think about. Don’t identify with the thoughts,
    just watch them come up and pass away, not you, not yours. In this state is
    the most free I have ever been

  7. Agiantamongu says:


  8. gary wheeler says:

    IM having my mind working alot. How do I focus on not using my mind?

  9. earthlyinfodotcom says:

    @grock1980 Realize that all this mind is taking place within the you… you
    are larger and more subtle than the mind… the mind loves you and blindly
    does whatever it must to protect your baby like innocent self… Realize
    you are larger than this and that mind is just mind… just thoughts…
    throw them out.. take time out of your day to just sit and allow them to
    pop up and then leave them be….

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