Panic Attack on a Plane

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We encountered a panic attack on our plane ride back to LA. Good Mythical Morning Episode 115! Comment: Do you study airplane placards and know the evacuatio…
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25 Responses to “Panic Attack on a Plane”

  1. sivan rottelman says:

    this was exactly uploaded 500 episodes ago

  2. iphoneragis2gg says:

    I have the snowball too.

  3. jasmine russell says:

    Every time i get on a plane thers always that one person whos sick and all
    i can think about is that movie Quarantine 2

  4. Albert Tam says:

    I read the placards because I can.

  5. ramonypony says:

    Riding in airplanes doesn’t scare me, turbulence doesn’t either. It’s just
    very uncomfortable physically, I’m tall, too. I took a train out of NYC
    once and it was so amazingly comfortable. Like thinking of that train ride
    takes me to a happy place. They should make planes more like that.

  6. Kristianna Flores says:

    I use to love to look at the guides just cause it was colorful (mind i was
    little-before 7-8 years) but I would never actually care about what I read
    even though I understood it.

  7. AwesomeSpider4 says:

    I think the reason Rhett can’t be in the military is because the taller you
    are, the easier target you are. I learned in school that in WW2 all of the
    tall, fit men were sent to war and as a result the average height of the
    male population dropped in some contries. Eh, at least that’s what I
    remember. I could be wrong :/

  8. jetandhitkiller25 says:

    Panic ATTACK in a plane?
    one word: ARAB

  9. Alex DeLarge says:


  10. InvisbleMario says:

    144p We meet again.

  11. Ian Wade says:

    I am so happy :)

  12. 3DOT_GAMER says:

    who is loki

  13. Cariad Wooster says:

    I read the placard. 

  14. Sebastian Mann says:

    how do I send in a intro ?

  15. Carson Brunson says:

    I love Link’s shirt soooo much.

  16. daniel mccafferty says:

    I know how his wife felt I took severe panic attacks before Christmas
    they’re really scary

  17. crandria dalton says:

    that microphone hurts my ears. X(

  18. Claire Shay says:

    Look at Links shirt!!! I love Back To The Future. I watched it a couple
    days ago!!!!

  19. WarriorCatsFan67 says:

    I find it ironic that I was JUST watching the TV show Do Or Die and you
    guys start talking about what you would do if the plane ripped in half. If
    you don’t know what Do Or Die is, it’s a show telling you what you should
    and should not to in life or death situations.

  20. Madison Shanks says:

    Try the Dreamliner

  21. Xing Lin says:

    You’d be shaken to death before the plane breaks open. So that’s

  22. Dbz Live says:

    Next time you should do two constapated dudes

  23. mr.godzillapotato says:

    Do you know how durable plains are… Not to mention that lost is a movie.

  24. Azure Arnot says:

    My best friend and I like to steal them. She goes to college in
    Mississippi and I go to college in Northern NY, so she rides planes often.
    We have quite a collection.

  25. Jake Sonne says:

    lol wedding “band” they say that instead of wedding ring XD

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