Panic Attack on Live Television

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ABC anchor Dan Harris’ on air panic attack and his lesson for you.
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25 Responses to “Panic Attack on Live Television”

  1. Karma says:

    Since one year my Panic Attacks show themselves with the feeling that i
    have to vomit, even tho i never do. it’s especially in trains and it keeps
    me from moving to places. I still have no idea what to do against it. If
    you do, i would appreciate tips.

  2. Killua1994 says:

    Fuck panic attacks. I get them and I hate them!! People should be taught in
    elementary school to do presentations and public speaking so that they get
    used to it when they grow up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have panic attacks over my breathing, I took nasal spray for a year so my
    nose and throat are kind of swollen, I get enough air, but it feels like
    i’m not getting enough. When I have a panic attack I feel like i’m going
    to stop breathing, and I feel like no one can help, I start to freak out.
    Recently I can get it under control though.

  4. Zach Haywood says:

    The biggest feature of my anxiety attacks are that I instantly start to
    think about my breathing and I feel like I’m going to just stop at any
    minute, and my chest feels heavy as hell. Does anyone else ever experience

  5. MYHUMAN68 says:

    I’m sorry but that was not a panic attack, I have panic attacks and every
    time i have to go to the ER and get a shot to calm me down. It feels like a
    heart attack, you can’t get any air, your mind tells you that you are going
    to die, No matter how many doctors tell you you’re fine your mind yells at
    you that you are going to die. They don’t last for 1 or 10 mins, I have
    some that have lasted 24hrs and have had to stay in bed in the dark to keep
    from running around the block screaming. That is a panic attack.

  6. Jay Flippen says:

    That’s not a bad panic attack compared to some things I’ve experienced.
    Almost nobody cares about the temporary awkwardness. Ahhh the negative
    feedback loop of epinephrine. Gotta keep the number of your fear loops odd
    numbered. Fear the fear of fear. 

  7. rident says:

    Every person needs to ask themselves at one point in their lives – What is
    a human and who am I?

  8. Grant Turner says:

    He just stuttered and paused a bit………That wasn’t a panic attack at

  9. Princess Clark says:

    I never really knew what a panic attack looked like but I kinda figured it
    has happened to me whenever I do presentations, but if that is what a panic
    attack looks/sounds like then mine are def way worse, you can hear me
    shaking, and the fear in my voice everyone tells me I sound like a
    completely different person and even when I try to breathe and tell myself
    it’s no big deal or to calm down it never helps.

  10. winstonIpresume says:

    At 0:44 notice the FAKE “age spots” and “dirt” on the video. WHY the fuck
    do they do this bullshit? To make people think this is OLD ARCHIVAL footage
    or something? Are people really so fucking brain-dead an out of it, that
    they can’t NOTICE when they are being manipulated? People! Pay attention to
    things. Wake the fuck up and realize you are being CONTROLLED. Jesus
    Christ, there are STILL millions of propagandized IDIOTS in this country
    who still believe 9/11 was a real “terrorist” attack……sheeple will
    believe ANYTHING if it’s on TV….

  11. Sarah Williams says:

    Panic attacks are caused by a high level of anxiety. Conquer your fears to
    lessen their effects.

  12. Neo Majora says:

    What is a panic attack exactly?

  13. mathew Kane says:

    Midnight panic attacks are great, feels like you have just done a massive
    fuck up and something extremely bad is about to happen.

    Only problem is you have no idea what the fuck is going on!

  14. Eddy Mac says:

    I have had them for a while but i deal with them and they have become less
    and less. Someone close to me recently started getting them and i help
    them. Fuck fear and if you face it down you will always come out on top. I
    went around Europe and to the States no problems. Best of luck to anyone
    with them u will survive they wont kill you and fair play to this guy for
    sharing his experience. 

  15. SmoochBoosh says:

    Thank god his was somewhat subtle. If I have a panic attack in a public
    place its very much noticeable. Breathing like I just ran a marathon,
    crying, shaking, the only way I can calm down is if I name every object in
    the room I can see so its something like: Gasp gasp gasp gasp *sob* I see
    the floors, I see the cabinets *sob* gasp gasp gasp I see the windows I see
    books gasp gasp gasp sob sob sob I see a teacher I see my hands, I see my
    feet gasp. 

  16. Jellybean Frandsen says:

    Meltdown was well hidden. Wouldn’t ever have noticed were it not pointed
    out. As a matter of fact, I still had a tough time seeing that’s what it
    was. It just appeared like a tiny pause less noticeable than when someone
    messes up the script. Thanks for sharing Dan

  17. Andrew Lipham says:

    i had these when i was in high school (jr/sr years) but not anymore.
    funny how they stopped after i graduated. mine were more related to stress
    and the days seemed to last only minutes if that makes sense. i didnt even
    know what stress was until my junior year in high school about halfway
    through it. i dont know how close i came to hurting myself or someone else
    but i came pretty close. my classmates could care less but they didnt know
    what i was going through. they had no idea. it was hell on earth. i woke
    up one day during the summer after i graduated from high school and was all
    of a sudden better and back to normal. i never believed in god before that
    but now i do. i would put my stress levels during that year and a half up
    against anyones ever.

  18. Scias says:

    It sounds like everyone in the comment section has a 100000000000000 times
    worse panic attacks than Dan. It’s not a competition….

  19. ROA says:

    If I’m at home and I start to have a really bad one I will strip down quick
    and get into a hot shower. Something about the nice sensation of the hot
    water somehow distracts me from dwelling on the attack. Also it seems to
    help get my breathing back to normal. If I’m in public and a shower is not
    an option then I try to get to a restroom and splash cold water on my face,
    force myself to drink cold water…. in the most extreme cases I will just
    repeat “It’s OK, I’m going to be OK” over and over as I pace around. Hate

  20. No-Name says:

    I’ve had panic attacks from drinking 3 cups of coffee in a day. For 15
    minutes exactly, I remember losing breath, having this intense fear of
    nothing. I started panting around my room, feeling like I need to just move
    around to keep myself from losing my shit. My mom came in asking me, what
    are you doing, I stuttered and yelled at her saying just leave me alone.
    After my mind calmed down, i told her what happened. This happened a few
    more times, without the caffiene later on.

  21. jojojeep1 says:

    man I saw it on your face 10 seconds into the news , I said let’s see him
    back peddle his way out of this one , that’s some tuff stuff .

  22. Vivienne Carrette says:

    It can be very difficult to do things like tap into meditation when your
    anxiety is spinning. Although it might be difficult, it can be done, but it
    will take time and practice. Anxious thoughts come partially because of
    habit. It is easier to replace habits with habits so, negative thoughts
    with meditation or mindfulness or whatever works for you. I’m still
    learning how to do this but I’m plan on pushing through. Those with anxiety
    can be some of the most motivated and inspirational people in the world.
    There are so many reasons to keep pushing. 

  23. MetrazolElectricity says:

    10% happier is about the most uninspiring self-help title imaginable lol 

  24. Handsome_Hero says:

    Lucky guy … most people who admit to taking illegal drugs don’t get their
    job back!

  25. Dan Brandenburg says:

    uhm………….so I’m left hanging. What was the not-a-miracle? lol

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