Panic Attack Relief Role Play (Softly Spoken) ASMR

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (12)

Try to relax as I talk you down during a panic attack. Hope it can help.

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12 Responses to “Panic Attack Relief Role Play (Softly Spoken) ASMR”

  1. Wilson Nancy B. says:

    For stopping anxiety attacks permanently, you need to know what cause it,
    approaches to avoid it and what make it worse.

  2. addybranco says:

    this is SOOOO helpful thank you!

  3. ecwfaithful says:

    I’ve been dealing with panic and anxiety for the better part of five years,
    and this video has helped me through one of the worst panic attacks I’ve
    ever had to endure. Thank you so much, and you have earned yourself a
    subscriber, my dear. 

  4. Estelle Krol says:

    This is a wonderful tool!!! Thank you sooo much, I even use it when I’m
    simply feeling rather depressed and I can’t deny it really helps me…

  5. TimSorbz says:

    You are so full of love…thank you for this.

  6. punkisme77 says:

    Thank you so much I really need this right now!

  7. Rachel Trainor says:

    i was skeptical at first but this really helped me calm down. Thank you. <3

  8. SongbirdAliWhispers says:

    I’m so glad!

  9. Kaitlin DePauw says:

    I was having a panic attack last night and couldn’t calm down. Nothing was
    helping so I listened to this and I fell asleep in seconds. So I just
    wanted to thank you for posting this.

  10. SongbirdAliWhispers says:

    Awesome, glad to help. 🙂

  11. punkisme77 says:

    Thank you so much I really need this right now!

  12. Heather Ramey says:

    I can’t describe how much this recording has helped me. Thank you from the
    bottom of my soul. I needed this so much.

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