Panic Attack – Requiem for a Dream

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (19)

I was driving down the 10 freeway and I was listening to UNKLE. When this song came up all I could think about were scenes from Requiem for a Dream…

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19 Responses to “Panic Attack – Requiem for a Dream”

  1. spammey says:

    Yet again, great work! Always a pleasure to watch Jennifer Connelly ; )

  2. The_Sassinator says:

    Unkle is a fantastic band and Requiem for a Dream is undoubtedly one of the
    scariest anti-drug movies (and fantastic, as well), but I think the song
    might have fit more with Trainspotting.

  3. Sikophant says:

    SIK film!!

  4. aboynamed666 says:

    this movie makes me want to do drugs… a lot of them!

  5. veggietalesfan65 says:

    This is one of the most scariest things I’ve ever seen O.O But nicely put
    together 😛

  6. twentymooseman says:

    I don’t know that Requiem can necessarily be classified as an anti drug
    movie, but I think if they could get away with showing it to every
    highschool freshman in place of all those lame programs they shove down
    their throats, they’d be scared shitless.

  7. 1341300 says:

    Amazingly conceived. Well done.

  8. Lucas Arruda says:

    Awesome work! Better impossible <3 I was listening to UNKLE for the first
    time, came up with this song and wanted to show it to my girlfriend via yt,
    and came up with this amazing video! Nice.

  9. Ananth Rao says:

    Fantastic video! well done man..

  10. Gerardo Juárez says:

    Masterpiece. Both the song and the movie.

  11. aboynamed666 says:

    Awesome job! Great editing! Great song!

  12. XtuluTheInkaKing says:

    Nice work!

  13. Duchovicius666 says:

    Great job:) Professional work! 10/5!

  14. LongtailGT says:

    Top Gear!!!!

  15. zmck says:

    this movie scared me…

  16. Андрей Бесфамильный says:

    @zmck fuck it! I’ll never watch it again, and not just because of what was
    happening to Jared, Jennifer (especially), Marlon & Sarah… BTW Florida
    oranges? Harbinger of bad news like it was in “Godfather”? o_O

  17. Orochimaru says:

    This movie hurt me more than words can say.

  18. SuperiFox says:

    UNKLE + Joy Division beat = Awesome 🙂

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