Panic Attacks

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4 Responses to “Panic Attacks”

  1. Ellen NyanCat says:

    I have serious panic attacks where I shake violently, can’t breathe and
    most definately find it difficult to talk and I would find this not helpful
    at all when I have a panic attack the quickest way for me to calm down
    would be to cry it all out and then try to slow my heart rate down…
    Luckily i have them very rarely but do I have a serious problem that I need
    to see the doctor about? Advice plz!!!!

  2. trimisa says:

    This is stupid!!!!!!! I suffer from panic disorder and these techniques
    would not help me in any way during a panic attack. I probably would just
    smack the person who is doing these things in the face.

  3. Antor Saha says:

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    Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my GF after a lifetime of
    fighting said good bye the panic issue with it.

  4. ANIK MITRA says:

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    it and my mate said good bye the panic issue with it.

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