Panic Attacks

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25 Responses to “Panic Attacks”

  1. Aeon Flex & Rell Raccz says:

    “whoa whoa whoa…how did I get skulled? NO.!!!!”

  2. RSMuffins says:

    Why would you continue attacking her lol?

  3. iPwnModernWarfare2 says:

    I’m pretty sure we were all routing for that guy to keep his items..

  4. kope2kope says:

    The item he was going to lose takes multiple dozens of hours to get, so it
    makes complete sense if he was upset that he was going to lose it. If you
    worked 40 hours in a week at a job and didn’t get paid that week for a bad
    reason would you be upset? Of course you would, because your time is

  5. Koscheck2011 says:

    @Bey0ndDeath He got skulled because the 1st person who attacked him logged
    out, than the attackers buddy logged in who looks exactly like him, and the
    guy attacked him, and than he got skulled.

  6. EraOfBloodtv says:

    Fuck they switched outfits… that happened to me once. They barraged,
    stood on top, switched outfits… ffs

  7. Hapster Hap says:

    Wow, finally. I can breath again

  8. NVrunescapeEW says:

    I killed jad with my deflect untill half hp and failed claw 4 times. Am i a
    baws or not? But got the fire cape atleast =D

  9. strp0oon1 says:

    nonononon ooo nonononon oooo nono shit oo nonon log out log out

  10. YoooItsRex says:

    You’re a faggot.

  11. Muntayy says:

    spotted CHEWBAKKA @ 2:44

  12. Ra1n1337 says:

    @Theagothor4 yes, you loose everything instead of keeping 3 items

  13. nattyboi2 says:

    hahaha i have the same ppl on my friends list…..random…

  14. lakieman5 says:

    i got hacked for 2.2b faggot shut the fuck up

  15. Bey0ndDeath says:

    can someone explain how he got skulled?

  16. owntithink says:

    Real World rule breaking. You will get more than a ban or mute for this.

  17. kidchuleta says:

    fucking pathetic how the guy was about to cry

  18. Kiwi Zuccini says:

    I got lured by that same guy in the second vid! Lost my rapier!

  19. Im2Sleepy1 says:

    Lol the good old skull trick I lost ags to that lol

  20. yessorre says:

    where not aloud to say, its a exclusive club

  21. StarskyPSN says:

    clip 2:why the hell didn’t he just log??!?!

  22. Mrrambo Frankly says:

    lol i have chewbecca added too lol ..

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