Panic Attacks and Anxiety

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Also I can’t remember if I said this or not but do not over think things with anxiety. It’ll only make it worse. Hope this helped some of yall x My gaming Ch…
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25 Responses to “Panic Attacks and Anxiety”

  1. FabiGaming says:

    You are so gorgeous

  2. Negative Neutral says:

    Im sorry for asking for asking this question, but what happened to kate to
    give her panic attacks and anxiety. Sorry but I’m new to this channel and
    I’m very curious.

  3. slavik chernezhenko says:

    for a sec i thought u were topless lol

  4. LostFinbar says:

    I wish i could explain it in detail, however, fake your confidence. In
    other words completely fuck your self over into a situation you don’t wanna
    be doing or a situation where there’s no turning back, Ex: presentation or
    talking in front of a large crowd meeting new people, or important
    tests/exams. I’ve done it that way to where I “fake” my confidence and
    tricking my conscious into believing this is easy, I got this. Even though
    i do not suffer from anxiety attacks or things of the sort, I always set my
    mind into that state when ever need be, tests, presentations, meeting new
    people, whatever it is its worked for me. hope it helps for anyone out

  5. alexianova emerald says:

    Kate u r sweet and intelligent make urself confident anyone can I was never
    confident when I was little everyone used to make fun of me and how I
    looked I changed all of myself and got contacts and everything was changed
    about me when I moved to highschool I got the greatest friends when I
    revealed by true self no one recognised me and apparently I am better just
    the way I am and u r too so don’t worry about people around u if u want u
    can messages 1) I will be the happiest person 2)I can help u

  6. Mitch Nurse says:

    Thanks for this video Kate.

  7. instrumentalballad says:

    I get really panic attacks too. Used to be every week. But I trained
    myself to help stop them once I feel them coming. I force myself to count
    out things around me. It’s been hard this week cause it’s been on the
    verge of coming out all week, but the forceful counting helps a bunch.
    Though not perfect. It’s worth a shot for anyone who needs something.

  8. OptimusSkiver says:

    It’s not the wisest thing to tell the world your triggers. One of the
    managers at my old job (who this prick shall remain nameless) found out
    about them, and tried to force them onto me in a spontaneous “do this or
    get writ up” kind of situation, and that happened a few times before I went
    to the manager that was totally bffs with this guy and complained about it.
    Yeah. I got sent home from work a lot from preventable incidents because
    I sabotaged myself on accident. You really cannot trust some assholes.
    Hugs, btw.

  9. Athena's World says:

    But not Kate

  10. Pulmu 912 says:

    I’m sorry but pause at 0:57 

  11. julianne harris says:

    I get panic attacks quite a lot and when I do theyre really bad, I breath
    really heavily, I loose my voice and end up crying and I start to choke and
    gag, ive never really learnt how to deal with them because to me theyre not
    that big of a thing and not a lot of people know I get them so thankyou♡ 

  12. Sam K says:

    I have panic attacks when I’m alone and there is fireworks. I know that the
    fireworks start and my heart races and I blackout and come to in a corner.
    The weird thing is it only happens when I’m alone, if I’m with other people
    then I’m fine. It’s a trigger that is near impossible to avoid around big
    events and holidays. Especially when people around my suburb just do them
    randomly. I’m not prepared, sometimes my family is asleep so it cannot be
    avoided. It’s a memory of my past that will never escape me…

  13. jake whinchester says:

    i feel sorry for you. I get panic attacks at most once a month so… not

  14. Jamie Jackson says:

    my panic attacks are triggered, i can’t even be a good enough boyfriend
    because of my anxiety, and i hate myself for both of those things.

  15. Yo Remii says:

    Boop boop

  16. Owen Martz says:

    What happened to u 2 years ago?

  17. Brandon Wayne says:

    Those demons won’t be leaving after all :3

  18. ACEdualblade . says:

    Kaitlin seems better than Kate.

  19. Mosibfu says:

    subbed lol I so get it.. i hate shopping and stuff, helps being a man, its
    not weird to go to a store and get a bunch of shirts and stuff and quickly
    check out and.. get in the car go home.. Love how you talk about stuff on
    here so easily, somehow i wish i could..

    No worries tho, real friends help you thru that shit..

  20. thecatcovenantdude_Dks says:

    Kate thanks for understanding

  21. chris machado says:

    The way I got rid of my anxiety, drug use and alcohol abuse

  22. AmbrosiaCharlotte says:

    I have small panic attacks quite often but I rarely get really big ones
    because sometimes it’s easily avoidable and sometimes its really hard to
    avoid it. My trigger is usually violence or social and human injustices
    involving violence. Those are really hard to avoid in history class.

  23. IntelligentDouchebag says:

    You are going through a lot of shit, you should tell a friend about your
    feelings right now, ik I’m being a drama queen and acting like your mom but
    every video you seem miserable.. The percentage of your audience want to
    hug you and tell you everything will be alright (including me) but in
    reality we can’t do that, fortunately you have a lot of friends who seem
    really friendly, just talk to one and see if they can help you

  24. beckhamfan1007 says:

    I have some massive anxiety attacks, I just had one over this past weekend
    and it was awful! My chest was hurting for three days straight, and i was
    having a hard time breathing. I was surrounded by my cousin’s friends and
    they were constantly trying to help calm me down and get my mind off what i
    was thinking about and stuff. i can still feel my chest hurting. I’ve had
    anxiety since i was really little. I absolutely hate it.

  25. Xxflygurl16xX says:

    some of your anxiety attacks sound flashback induced.. :/ those are the
    worst, especially when it’s hard to come back from them when they feel so

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