Panic Attacks And Zoloft

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Adam Ferrara talks about panic attacks and Zoloft in his new one hour stand up special “Funny As Hell.” Catch the premiere June 12th at 11pm on Comedy Centra…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Panic Attacks And Zoloft”

  1. Kathy Gish says:

    I strongly dislike you.

  2. Marie P. Waldon says:

    The #1 reason regular panic cures not work is because they really do not
    train a person to stop the fear of fear. Instead they teach you to ‘cope’
    with all the problem also to control the anxiety with the hope that it’ll
    eventually go away completely.

  3. Knibis kniben says:

    fuck panic attacks it made me get derealization… 

  4. blackburro22 says:

    “Hey Phili. I think I’m getting panic attacks. Really, you ever think your
    a pussy, ever think of that. I mean im no doctor but you could be a pussy,
    thats all im sayin.” LMFAO

  5. skitsy17 says:

    Go to 1-800 bad-drug get bad-atty! Lol!

  6. skitsy17 says:

    Oh yeah :1. 800 bad-atty!

  7. mindfreakmagic says:

    @Awesomeness1I Ummm it aint funny. Dude. Wait until you really had one!!!!
    -Someone who knows

  8. Daniel Crawford says:

    @uhxohlovestruck so has it worked yet?

  9. szqsk8 says:

    Adam should try a bowl of weed – always works for me!

  10. Alexander Andreassen says:

    Lol, I started Zoloft a week ago, and I got the shakes too. This removed
    the anxiety of the symptom. Always great when people come out and talk
    about stuff like this. I only do that when I’m drunk.

  11. Calle Colburn says:

    It’s a zoloft life, for me… I actually take zoloft, I don’t have any of
    those symptoms lol

  12. Alicia Curry says:


  13. MyMelyanna says:

    This is so my favorite special of all time. Every thing is funny.
    Everything! How does he do that? I don’t know, but he does. And he’s not
    exactly hard on the eyes either. *wink*

  14. IACSC says:

    @stonemetallica Its the Zoloft life for us.

  15. Trevor Thompson says:

    @bakedzitibrah he’s a comedian, get over it

  16. MIA305chica says:

    I think you’re awsome!!!!!!!!!

  17. IACSC says:

    “It’s the Zoloft life for me”. God damn it. I was applying chapstick then
    out of nowhere that came on. Ever laughed abruptly while applying it? You
    wind up fucking eating it.

  18. Alan Chavez says:

    “yeah this is much better, I can’t wait for the anal leakage” ROTFL

  19. PeterTheEvilBastard says:

    I lol’d heartily, and in the midst of an attack. Not a thing that happens
    often :). I’m on effexor myself. It’s awesome, it doesn’t even give me limp
    dick, like paxil used to. My gf is thrilled, let me tell ya.

  20. Ben3654 says:

    i’m happy that i can laugh about this now.

  21. Caylapuppy315 says:

    what a beautiful day..AHH! XD haha

  22. Mouby says:


  23. uhxohlovestruck says:

    i just got prescribed zoloft. was on celexa and before that prozac. prozac
    made me sick and celexa…my health insurance ran out and i had to quit
    cold turkey..so i wasnt on it long…then a a year later today i went to
    the doc and she prescribed me zoloft 50 mg. I sure fuckin hope it works. I
    wish the bitch would just give me klonopin or xanax. -.- at least i know
    those work

  24. Davidvideos83 says:

    I started on Wellbutrin, next to Celexa, then it was Effexor, Then from
    there is was Cymbalta. When I first started on anti-depressants they felt
    like just what I needed. I felt good, I laughed a lot, I always was in a
    positive optimistic mood. Believe it or not it all started with just one
    pill Wellbutrin which was administered just after my coming clean off of
    street drugs and alcohol addiction. Currently I am on: hydroxiyzine,
    trazodone, clontidine, and Cymbalta. I feel like killing myself. ☹

  25. WithYouImHome says:

    @bakedzitibrah Yeah, well if he went through them he probably understands
    that. It’s good that he’s actually talking about it. I have anxiety, and it
    makes me feel less strange to have someone come out and actually talk about
    it–and more than that, laugh about it. Better than hiding it away like it
    doesn’t exist.

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