Panic Attacks Can Be Frightening (Part 1)

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (12) Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, describes the impact panic attacks can have on some people.
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12 Responses to “Panic Attacks Can Be Frightening (Part 1)”

  1. REXXORDER says:

    ever ask you a question why are you having thos panic attacks?

  2. David L says:

    You are a very GOOD doctor. Might I contact you for my girl friend’s
    problem? She is in the hospital, just rediagnosed PTSD from 10+ years of so
    call Bipolar, until today.

  3. honeybee7700 says:

    u are way better than my psychologist. wish i could find someone like you
    to treat my ptsd

  4. Hasan Theng says:

    The information presented on the video on youtube is so important about a
    paranoid panic. Should panoid of panic did not have to happen if we can

  5. Raj Banerjee says:

    hey hey! Have you thought about anxiety zero technique (I think its at Ive heard some amazing things about it and my sister pretty
    much cured panick attacks with it.

  6. Irv Johnson says:

    Dr. Croft is a gem of a person!

  7. rustambayli says:

    I get ’em in public places. LOVELY!!!

  8. maroon5lvr28 says:

    I never avoided the places I had panic attacks at. I have had them for 2
    hours without being able to stand. Panic attacks happen at random, why
    avoid a place if the location isnt the cause? Since having 5 to 7 panic
    attacks that all lasted 2 whole hours in my room I see no reason to not
    return to my room.

  9. kazza224 says:

    i am not sure if this is a panic attack but when i was 13 i read about
    these cows killing someone and i was in a field and saw some cows and i was
    convinced they were goin 2 kill me,i thought i was havin an heart attack
    and was breathin really fast,i remember screamin 2 my mate 2 run because we
    were gonna be killed,i was shakin like a leaf in the wind.yeah sounds
    stupid but i was 13 and thats my excuse lol

  10. quelita28 says:

    movie and tv stars get social anxiety when they are in public places and
    they get extremely paranoid nas welll.

  11. ozyresmireles says:

    I get panic attacks and is really scary people don’t understand. Whats
    going on with that person. Anybody could get them

  12. TophTennison says:

    That aint true, I have ’em cause of Thunder and lightnin’. I don’t get no
    panic attacks from open spaces. And I don’t avoide places were my attacks
    start up cause that would be dumb. I can get an attacking anywere. I maybe
    blind, but I can tell ya’ dont know what your entirly talkin’ ’bout. ~Toph

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