Panic Attacks in Public

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In this video Angela talks about ways to discreetly get out of a panic attack. Find out more by subscribing to the Survivor Manual neweletter at Angela Shelt…
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25 Responses to “Panic Attacks in Public”

  1. Austin Bolton says:

    This book changed my life. I make no money from this. I suffered like you
    looking for help, that is certain. Just read the reviews on Amazon, they
    explain the power of this little book. I was cured half-way through this
    book. Literally. Have not had a night time panic episode since reading it.
    Completely off medicine now too 🙂 Enjoy! I found my copy for like $4.00.

  2. lynn pang says:

    i used to lock myself in toilet when i feel like /have panic attack in
    public places , it really isnt a good idea since i pass out and hold
    confusion last time , you might hurt yourself , and when you are alone ,it
    is really hard to literally stop the thought and voices ,and it is most
    likely it will get worse. i wouldnt suggest anything like that when you
    dont know the downside of it , esp for serious panic attack case .

  3. Diane9773 says:

    Look up the healing power of Neurofeedback….please spread the word it
    seems to be a secret and it is an answer to unlock the brain

  4. Dack Isback says:

    I used to do this under a warm shower(about body temperature) in the dark
    or with a candle lit and just stay there for like an hour… Sounds weird
    but it helped me when I was at my worst.

  5. Seiferzed says:

    washing my face and hands with hot water helps me alot ! not boiling hot ,
    but hot enough to freshen you up , and just focusing on how it flows warmly
    on your palms then washing your face again can really help ! going to the
    bathroom is a great idea since you need everything around you quiet and
    calm , i often got myself from panicking to a sleepy state just by doing
    that .

  6. infinitelady says:

    LOL u guys are full of baloney!!!

  7. Foxtrot784 says:

    Funny, my first panic attack triggered on a bad mushroom trip too…

  8. synderellaxxx says:

    i had one today, its the worst feeling ever. i wouldnt wish it to even my
    worst enemy. and it happened at school!

  9. palmbeachprincessLW says:

    if we had good ones HAHAHA LMFAO

  10. Shnazle12 says:

    @gewizz2 no what is it?

  11. Dominique Hamel says:

    The worst panic attack I had is when I was at Costco. It was jam packed
    with people and it literally drove me nuts, I nearly started to scream and
    run in circles.So I went in a corner where there was no one, I faced the
    wall so I was turning my back to the people and then I started to take deep
    breaths and I more or less recover some kind of control over myself and I
    really made in my head an exit plan: Go in line, get to the cash register,
    pay, grab your stuff and go to the car. It worked!

  12. Kyle Waller says:

    If we’d had good ones obviously lol.I like this idea. but I have a big
    thing about surpressing stuff, so most of the time I just kinda have this
    building anxiety thing where it wont go to a peak and just be over with, so
    even just sitting there alone gives me even more anxiety, cuz I keep
    thinking ppl are just kinda waiting and wondering whats taking me so long
    and I feel like I have to rush so I dont calm down, other times I’ll just
    go disociative and basically just be gone around ppl. Advice?

  13. palomovuela says:

    Wow, Denmark! That´s far away from me! Right now I´m travelling around
    Argentina. I love travelling! I´ll be in Denmark some day, with or without
    panik attacks!

  14. samIam490 says:

    WTF try having one in an elevator in the empire state building with all
    your other classmates

  15. Palaecro says:

    If it came on with no physical cause you could detect, you may want to try
    L-Tyrosine 500mg 2x per day. It’s a amino acid that helps boost dopamine
    levels naturally in the brain ie. the calming hormone. When you have
    sufficient levels you shouldn’t be experiencing panic due solely to stress.
    You can use Bacopa and Macuna which will contain natural L-Dopa compounds
    which will raise your dopamine naturally as well. Rule of thumb is start
    slow on everything, however the L-Tyrosine should be ok

  16. Rachel L says:

    @TheLavaPiranha You are right. I have panic attacks at night. I can’t stop
    thinking that everyone is going to die someday.I have to turn the tv on and
    watch something funny until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. I shake
    uncontrollaby and get diarea from the attacks. It’s the worst feeling in
    the world and I wish i was dead instead of feeling that way. I always deal
    with it alone. I don’t want my husband to wake up and see me looking insane.

  17. pushtun1000 says:

    donot follow this shit.. da only way to succefuly avoid panic attacks is to
    avoid the situation that trigers it.. i am been doing it for the last 4
    years.. and succesful..

  18. panicattacksecrets says:

    This is a good video. There’s more to the true causes of panic attacks than
    meets the eye.

  19. piecesounds says:

    thanks for this.

  20. AirdrieUnitedDaft says:

    i done this yesterday sitting on my bed when i was taking a panic attack,
    and it worked!!

  21. rainegoddessfire says:

    thats where i go when i have one,

  22. mirrorseye says:

    ugh i wish it was that easy for me

  23. sk84evabike4neva says:

    @xlithiumgirlx the best thing to to do is to let it happen, just push
    through…dont try to stop it…just sit down, and if you dont have a place
    to sit down…just stop and lean against a wall….the worst thing you can
    do while having a panic attack, is to fight it…ive learnt that…and
    myself being in high school…only grade 10…but still having the
    ocasianal panic attack…have a bit of expierience and just let you
    know…they cant hurt you…so even if you feel like they can…they cant

  24. karp821 says:

    @scared5hitless me too…

  25. limeandthelogicalANN says:

    Thank you for making this video, i have panic attacks and this is a
    wonderful way to calm down…I normaly curl up in a ball like that 🙂 and
    it helps a lot!

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