panic attacks/agoraphobia/anxiety

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panic attacks suck…
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25 Responses to “panic attacks/agoraphobia/anxiety”

  1. Amy Dungan says:

    Thanks for your video!I relate with you alot!I feel so trapped and then it
    just fuels the panic and anxiety!I wake up sick with dread,and then I think
    what is wrong with me?Your so right,You have to distract yourself or else
    you feel like your going to go nuts!I play video game too,It’s a great way
    to take your mind off of all the stress! You seem like a really nice guy
    and handsome too! : ) Hang in there!

  2. IAmExia says:

    @doobyboy21 I have Agoraphobia, and I had to take a plane to Tampa, FL –
    Baltimore, MD. Being in them huge airports, I’ve never had such a huge
    panic attack in my life. So yeah it’s no fun. The plane ride was pretty
    relaxing but getting on, and off was terrible.

  3. milnusthegnome says:


  4. doobyboy21 says:

    would you take a plane?

  5. jimmy jones says:

    i just had 1 off my worst panic attacks last night and thought i would come
    on youtube to see if anyone else has put storys or vids having attacks this
    was like my 7th one in 10years so i guess im kinda lucky compared 2 others
    out there and my first attack was weed related i have been off weed since
    and on lexapro for for 7 years i cant believe how many suffer from it
    compared to when i had my first attack last i truly felt i was alone and
    thought i was dying everyday great vid to relate 2 man

  6. sasalito29 says:

    I have had these attacks for 1year and 4 days now and I just can seem to
    get rid of them at all. The breathing stuff they tell you to do all of the
    herbal things none of it work. I have 3 kids and I cant even seem to make
    it to the school functions without having a heavy attack. I feel like I
    have missed out on my kids lives for a year but I have been here, just my
    body not my full mind. I could really use some advice ANYONE PLEASE!.

  7. Denas Nebilevičius says:

    I’ m smilling with tears in my eyes… This guy is strong for sure. I wish
    you best.

  8. myartisfashion says:

    Thanks man. I’ve just started experiencing this all, or have just started
    to understand what’s going on anyway. Experiencing agoraphobia for sure
    since Tuesday. My thoughts have been overwhelming me like mad, though even
    my hobbies have been bringing on irrational thoughts, which sucks. Really
    is so comforting knowing there are other people who deal with this.

  9. SonHol says:

    dude jesus will set you free-i know! seek him :]

  10. UncleBobIsAngry says:

    thanks for uploading this. This is a much clearer view for me than those
    documentaries. It’s told straight up by a person.

  11. crazysk8ter01 says:

    i know the way you are feeling because i have the same things going one
    everyday and im only 12 and im afraid that lifes not real or something
    stupied like that and it is the most scareiest thing ever! my bigest fear
    was storms but now when there is one happening im not scared because i am
    constantle thinking if mabe one day i will lose controll or i will die !!!
    i have been questioning life every day and it SUCKS! but remmeber jesus
    loves you!

  12. fictionalize says:

    It really sucks when you get them in class.

  13. Nora Brunstad says:

    I started to cry when you described what it’s like to have the attacks. I
    just recognized myself in all the things you said. It kinda helped me a
    little to know that other people can get the same thoughts and feelings as
    me. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and for all us who
    struggle with the same decease or whatever it is.

  14. soniafrance says:

    I recovered from this shit!! it sucks but its been 3 years since my last
    one, guys you seriously need to face upto the actual attacks head on, the
    fear will recide, bit like being afraid of spiders if you see one and come
    close and eventually touch your fear goes, drugs dont work, alcohol is a no
    go zone!! cut out sugary foods and coffee, anyone want more help msg me!

  15. jedthewise says:

    i know it…its scary…

  16. angel17849 says:

    Hey, i’m 14 years old, and ever since i was like 11, i’ve been having these
    episodes i guess you would call them and nobody knew what they were. i
    would faint and everything, and people thought it was my heart because of
    my blood pressure. last night, i had chest pains and i couldn’t breathe and
    my hands and face got all numb and stuff so i went to the hospital and it
    turns out i have been having a panic/anxiety attacks. your video really
    helped me with it. remember, your not alone.

  17. bringiton889 says:

    i have had panic attacks for 4 years its so not the best feeling in the
    world. love the video !

  18. waxonwankoff says:

    I’m always wanting to kill people… If anyone looks at me funny, I just
    wanna rip their fucking head off… maybe I don’t have an anxiety problem..
    perhaps just anger issues and depression.

  19. bool says:

    Take a look at my vids i suffer also there so nasty i always feel like im
    going to die

  20. jemmahixon says:

    i have agoraphobia and have suffered with it for 8 years now im now 18 over
    the past 4 years it has become very severe i can no longer leave my house
    at all and havnt been able to for the past few years id love to talk to you
    at some point x

  21. stupszwerg says:

    i have panic attacks too and my mom told me to go to a psychiatrist… but
    I don’t think that it would work. I mean, i don’t think that anybody could
    make the fear that’s always in the mind ,to have an attack in the next few
    moments, go away… But It I think it’s a good thing to talk about it and
    show others that they’re not alone and there are people to talk about
    that… to all those people: stay strong and don’t let yourself get
    depressed too much… 🙂

  22. yessurmaster23 says:

    Have you tryed passion flower,or a Valarien tincture that they sell at
    health food stores.both of those are good St. johns wort works good also I
    like the one they sell in the box at amazon(dot)com made by a company
    called Kira thats the company that was researched to find out St. johns
    wort works. You can even add L theanine to your arsenal. You could find out
    more about these products for yourself I used to go through the same thing
    maybe even worst,but i’m the best I ever been now.(exercise)

  23. Alex Howlett says:

    hey this video really helped me when i had ban panic and anxiety..i ve
    given up drinking, caffeine, smoking all the pills and im so much better,
    havent had an attack since july. keep at it mate, CBT or if you ve got any
    addictions deal with them . peace

  24. aimeemacdn says:

    I know how you feel.

  25. richard Taylor says:

    i had a really bad panic attack the other night while driving through the
    canyon. it felt like my mind was being sucked out of my head. i have
    depersonalization disorder and have to say it is much worse. i used to only
    have panic attacks but got pretty good at talking my way out of them as a
    chemical imbalance or whatever and they would subside. it’s hard to do that
    with depersonalization without feeling like everything is just chemicals
    and synapses firing.

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