Panic Disorder

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Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by recurring severe panic attacks. It may also include significant behavioral change lasting at least a m…
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22 Responses to “Panic Disorder”

  1. Godzie1 says:

    I never had panic attacks until the smoking bans started.. (That is

  2. xgreatness8x says:

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  3. Patricius88 says:

    hypochondria + panic disorder.. bad combination.

  4. shaismom2005 says:

    I agree!!…..waste of time.

  5. stevie k.fischer says:

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  6. sara ev says:

    I suffer from it…almost 10years

  7. dkm547 says:

    this is a good video…thank you 🙂

  8. Emily Lewis says:

    OK….if you suffer from any form of panic disorder, do NOT watch this.
    Uninformative, inaccurate and downright ridiculous.

  9. angellilly6081 says:

    Especially when you have panic disorder you have something else to worry

  10. sara111990 says:

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  11. dmbfan07cb says:

    what the heck does the slide about mitral valve prolapse have to do with
    panic disorder. i know the two can be linked but you didnt even explain.
    talk about trying to scare people.

  12. xcarliXmonicax says:

    🙁 panic disorder sucks… i wish i didnt have it.

  13. karim said says:

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  14. isoperuna2 says:

    it’s friggin butt wiper thing that alcohol doesnt help on panic stuff it
    just make it worse ( usually )

  15. max larsen says:

    I had this and as usally i always take care of myself, i just told my self
    “let it kill me, if it can” wanted it to come, i tried to get it as often
    as possible, had it a couple of times and never again sens i started to
    think like that and many in my family have it…

  16. happilylil says:

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  17. llimbus says:

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  18. thersbal flory says:

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  19. WizardsMagic007 says:

    @Patricius88 Big time.

  20. Amy Victoria says:

    @xcarliXmonicax me tooo, if u need a talk, im here :/ x

  21. Amadeus Antosik says:

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  22. eatbullets666 says:

    40mg of lexapro will fix it

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