Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) Have you been diagnosed with panic disorder and are wondering how your doctor came to that conclusion? Or maybe you haven’t talked to a hea…
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25 Responses to “PANIC DISORDER- PSA”

  1. Shridhara Eddowes says:

    The #1 reason normal panic remedies fail is because they do not tutor the
    person to stop the fear of fear. Instead they teach a person to ‘cope’ with
    the problem and to manage the anxiety hoping that it will eventually go
    away completely.

  2. xgreatness8x says:

    if you want to completely get rid of any anxiety or panic attacks…bit DOT

  3. MarysPlace2009 says:

    Ok…just watching this…listen to that droning voice give me a panic
    attack… seriously…

  4. Reezejelle heruela says:

    @MARILYNR0SS yah2 thats panic attack….

  5. Reezejelle heruela says:

    i have panic attack 9x a day.. i fell im going crazy..i have many fear,
    fear of nothing… i fell like stressful.. how can stop this kind of crazy

  6. 7horianfiddler says:

    the difficult is when your mind thinks that you r having a heart attack or
    you suffer from a heart disease. I had this problem….

  7. E30m3EvoVIIIMR says:

    well u got one thing right god is a spirit but god doesnt talk and tell u
    what to do, GOD is an essence, God is in you in me in the trees it is the
    way things work, how the universe unfolds, that magic my friend is GOD, im
    not confused, u are bain washed and scared to death so u bow down to an
    imaginary supreme being, trust me God doesnt talk to u, uv been had!

  8. 0RIPVAN0 says:

    i cant blaze because i have the worst fucking experiences ever i’ve came to
    the conclusion that my panic attacks result from a state of not having
    complete control over my actions is there any solutions to getting over
    this? its taking over my social life and shit

  9. ghostangel13 says:

    Yoooo. let me tell u. THATS WAT STARTED MY PANIC DISORDER. BLAZING!!!! i
    blazed for YEARS and the last year was BAD….i just didnt enjoy it
    anymore. it formed into panic disorder. the fucked up part is…to calm
    it…i dont just useed Clonezapam…but Alchohal kills it. which can be bad
    over time

  10. janella1980 says:

    everything she said in the video is me! i was diagnosed with ptsd and a lil
    ocd because i seriously worry about everything!!!! i don’t wash my hands
    repeatidly or anything, but im constantly worrying about things.

  11. 7horianfiddler says:

    no, dont be afraid, i just mentioned a main symptom of panick attack: when
    i had one I thought that I was having a heart attack or a heart disease.
    Panick attacks some times make you think of these things. But When the
    doctors said (after checking up)that it wasnt from any heart abnormality
    but just symptoms of a panick attack I knew that I had to deal with the
    panick. Be strong. It takes time but now panick attack cannot scare me.

  12. HealthAndCures says:

    Stop panic attacks here: watch?v=Gsj4YogmBp4

  13. thexshattered says:

    That’s a lot of celebrities with panic disorder.

  14. E30m3EvoVIIIMR says:

    its set up to scare us OMG u have panic disorder go buy medicine and give
    money to doctors…everyone panics now and then almost anyone can have
    those symptoms.

  15. amrikwheeler1 says:

    i had a panic attack yesterday and im afraid about having another one
    becuase that was the most scary part of my life

  16. Reezejelle heruela says:

    @oliviazski13 yah2 that was dude.. just relax and visit panic attack in you
    tube it helps a lot.

  17. 12jfeltes says:

    God and religion are only created to attempt to fill the void of not being
    able to understand the answer to some aspect of life. Having said that,

  18. Montazzle says:

    I’ve been on Seroxat for 5 years now to treat mine, now I can’t quit those,
    highly addictive.

  19. Kristanwj says:

    I had my first panic attack today in the middle of class. I’m
    scared….does it happen often once it’s started?

  20. NatsaBes says:

    I’m kind of confused about whether or not I had a panic attack today. I was
    sitting in class today. I started feeling weird feelings, like numbness, on
    my body. Then, I kept looking all around. I can’t find anything on the
    internet about a symptom of looking around uncontrollably and quickly. My
    heart was beating really fast, no matter how I tried to calm my breathing.
    My mouth was really dry. Can anyone tell me what happened to me today?

  21. ItsJusJT says:

    Mine started at 8 and finished at 14, I use to get them putting myself down
    and thinking I was a bad person. I got over them now I’m 17 and have not
    had one since. I built my confidence I got out of the house everyday and
    lvied life, I found a girl aswell. Give yourself something else to get your
    nervous calm. I still do have anxiety and insomia, but my panic attacks are

  22. panicattacksecrets says:

    There’s more to the true causes of panic attacks than meets the eye. It’s
    important to know why they happen, to understand how to fix them.

  23. inkey2 says:

    to Jtco88: weed can “definately” kick off panic attacks “in some people”
    and of course it depends on the type weed. Problem is…..if the first
    event was so intense & traumatic it may start a “cycle of fear” in you and
    make you nervous all the time. I highly reccomend that you STAY OFF WEED or
    anything else for a while and see if you will be OK. I stopped using weed
    25 years ago because it definately made me panicky and wierd…everyone is
    different, your system may not like weed.

  24. StopPanicAnxiety says:

    Can medication really cure the panic disorder? They say that it can only
    control it. How true is it?

  25. Claire Millitt says:

    Very true xD Haha

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