Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia

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I have premature atrial & ventricular contractions (PAC’s/PVC’s), sinus tachycardia, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and agoraphobia. The…

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18 Responses to “Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia”

  1. RawChanneLife says:

    Amen Sister!

  2. Leo Dougherty says:

    How’d you do?

  3. kakka kikkare says:

    your hair is adorable. I had horrible panic disorder for 2 years but i
    overcame it. It was hell, well, you all know.. havent got a single attack
    in atleast 6 months. Important things were not drinking booze of coffee,
    not eating sugar or eating too unhealthy, drink water enough, and to learn
    self soothing. Antidepressants did not work. too much nicotine and stuff
    like that makes it worst.

  4. Yovo35 says:

    I know just how you feel. Thank you for trying to raise awareness.

  5. Nanz Harewood says:

    Yes you can have Agoraphobia without Panic Disorder, you have panic attacks
    but you dont necessarily have Panic Disorder. You can have Panic Disorder
    with Agoraphobia and you can have Panic Disorder without Agoraphobia.

  6. dorkdoll says:

    i like the night it makes you feel safe thats me a bloke it’s different for
    ladies. i have agrophobia since age 3 nearly fifty years now i could cope
    with it until 1994 when i had a motorbike crash…. bummer it took me 14
    years to go to a beauty spot 20 miles away i have a mental block now i
    remember riding my bike to mt favourite spots it is weird may be post
    traumatic disorder i used to go thru local city no worries now i can no
    longer do it i get the shakes big time BAD.good luck

  7. Victor Raposo says:

    i hate it, i also have agora, im glad you know what im talking about, i
    know i need help, i think if i didnt smoke and do alot of exercise i think
    the panick whould b alot better to a point that i dont get them, but i know
    what your talking about, it sucks, but i have both and pdsd something that
    happened to me when i was lil, right after that i started feeling like i
    wasnt there, and that led me to get panick attacks i know i dont have much
    time on here and i cant explain my life story, but its

  8. archerman14k says:

    hi..watching this video really helped me understand that i’m not alone …i
    suffer from the same thing but i don’t know what help will be good for me
    …i to was a manager at a few jobs i had and they didn’t last longer
    because of my anxiety! …i had a few good years where i thought i wouldn’t
    have them ever again but now there so bad again i can’t hold down the
    slightest task i don’t have a job …because of this fear and i’m so

  9. Xzero89 says:

    I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder over a year ago, and it’s cost me three
    jobs, a few good friends and a load of people misunderstanding me
    completely, including my family. I’ve experienced agoraphobia-like symptoms
    already and that’s where I’m headed if I can’t get my panic disorder
    straightened out. It’s a daily struggle for me, moment to moment at times,
    so in a small sense, I know what you’re going through, and you’re not alone

  10. It's me.... Sarah... :) says:

    Completely understand everything you are saying. I CANNOT go out alone, at
    all, but i can *just* about manage short journeys with my bf. How did you
    start having panic attacks?

  11. Eric Haley says:

    I understand, and I have the same diagnosis…’s fucking hell!!!
    Everyday is a battle!!!! I want to thank thank you very much for posting
    this video!

  12. Misty Taylor says:

    I am curently in a similar situation, where I need to get help to manage my
    agoraphobia but have no actual way to get it. And like you mentioned I also
    have no idea where you would go to get help with agoraphobia. There really
    seems to be no programs avaliable for anyone in this situation.

  13. jojo scogs says:

    I know how you feel. No one will understand it until they go through it or
    something similar. We can talk about our symptoms till we are blue in the
    face, but it does not explain the pain and horror that we live through

  14. montagonal says:

    Hi, I know how you feel too- I’ve suffered from panic disorder and
    agoraphobia since 2003. You should be proud of yourself for going for a
    meal, that is a big deal for people with severe anxiety. I wouldn’t be able
    to do that! Luckily I’m in the UK so I don’t have to pay to get medical
    help, but the help I’ve had hasn’t been great so I mostly struggle on by
    myself! Have you tried any self-help books? Read as much as you can about
    PAs and do breathing exercises etc. Message me if you want 🙂

  15. TheMamadeira says:

    I know exactly what you are going through. I feel so close to others who
    suffer from the same thing as me. Sending you my love!

  16. Nanato6kids says:

    I have panic and also agoraphobia. I also cannot be alone at all. Its not
    at all what I expected my life would be like but I am so thankful to be
    doing better than when it first started. There is hope. I truely believe
    hypnosis has helped me alot, and of course my faith. I hope you get relief
    soon and i appreciate you sharing your story!

  17. Hal Mathew says:

    Hi – All who listen to your stories nod in aqreement and feel better
    knowing they have almost a clone – the symptoms are all similar because
    everyone is wired to react to perceived danger by slamming adrenaline into
    our blood. With cave people, the amygdala was appropriately on guard
    because they were part of the food chain. Read “Life Unlocked” by Dr.
    Pillay. I recovered 20 years ago and have read a lotalota books. This is
    the best – this you can use to recover. I’d be glad to help. Hal

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