PART 2 Free Panic Attack Anxiety Attack Cure must watch!!!

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This is part two. Please watch and exercise part one first before you try this. Also those who have been on medication for a long time speak to ur doctor abo…
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25 Responses to “PART 2 Free Panic Attack Anxiety Attack Cure must watch!!!”

  1. rebecca trafford says:

    I just wondered if you are on facebook? 

  2. Lior Bar-El says:

    Customize your message

  3. rebecca trafford says:


  4. Shanni Rideout says:

    Thank you thats good information. Ive had panic attacks since i was 14, and
    im 20 now, i drunk alot of vodka 2 nights ago and i still feel shaky and
    panicy and i had a panic attack for half hour but i was shaking the whole
    day and couldnt sleep last night. Woke up at half 6 cant get back to sleep.
    🙁 going to ring doctors as i think ive had to much alcohol. Ive gone
    through 7 bottles of vodka since new years eve and have drunk the last 3
    days. MY belly feels funny. And parts of my body like spaz out. Irs
    horrible what alcohol can do to your mind and body.

  5. Linda Cash says:

    You never cease to amaze me Lior Bar-El! Look at all the people you have
    helped all over the world! You save lives endlessly! I am so honored to
    have met you and to be able to call you my TRUE brother. I want to thank
    you for all advice you have given me through each one of your great
    inspiring videos! There is no need to tell you to keep up the good work
    because I know that it is in your beautiful heart to love, teach
    and inspire all. If you only knew how much you meant to me! love to you
    always my dearest brother! Many blessing to you and yours always! 

  6. charles h says:

    Thank you..ive been doing everything to “AVOID” any drugs..and mentally get
    rid of panic attacks…good info you say about the “ER”, etc…it’s true
    and people can avoid these if they mentally do their best

  7. jordan wilson says:

    ok so its been two weeks since i messaged you and you of all ppl in three
    yrs ive found was the only one that gave me a little more hope to keep
    going, so with that i went ahead and did more research on finding something
    that will help with almost instant results. i was hoping you could make a
    video, i made one but its my first and so i dont have very many
    subscribers, but i found out that like 90% of ppl with panic attack/
    agoraphobia/ depression are magnesium and B supplement deficient. well i
    tried it and have been for a week now. I have probably one of the worst
    conditions and like i said i dont even leave my house for months at a time,
    but after taking the magnesium and b supplement i have left my house three
    days in a row and today i left for two hrs with almost 0 anxiety ( just
    mostly fear) but even the fear has died down! i feel so amazing like i can
    do things i havent done in yrs ( but im going to be patient just in case)
    but i also use your techniques and i know that you were put here for a
    reason, YOU kept me from taking my life, YOU gave me hope, YOU gave me
    faith to keep moving forward and not give up. i spent so much money that i
    didnt really have to buy things that will “cure” me, that DID NOT work, and
    i found this. i havent felt a happiness like this in three yrs and so many
    ppl have no clue that something so simple can pretty much cure them, plz
    let ppl know, thank you so much!!! 

  8. GLEN STEELE says:

    “The Lord is my Shepard”….Thank you Doctor 

  9. Jessie Parris says:

    where can I get in touch with you?? twitter? facebook? email? I need your
    help! I cant deal with my anxiety no more! please help

  10. anxietyattack24 says:

    very good video

  11. Thomas Jimenez says:

    Update: I feel better. Keyword Better. Your advice truly helped and I am
    very grateful to have stumbled upon your videos. Along with other things I
    have learned from others I defeated my panic and anxiety for the most part.
    All that remains is a mild side of GAD. Which is losing its advantage on
    me. Keep spreading that good advice Lior! Truly an Angel that guided me
    through the darkness! May God always bless you on your journeys of life

  12. ButterCup12892 says:

    4 years ago I started to have panic attacks which later on turned into
    general anxiety! After one year of doing the small things like cutting out
    caffeine and junk foods, eating healthier and exercising I started to feel
    better and slowly got out of the funk! For the past 2-3 years I’ve been
    anxiety free! However the past few months I’ve been feeling it creeping up
    on me again! I know it gets better but it just really sucks! Watching your
    videos is really starting to help again! Your a life saver. I only wish I
    knew someone like you to help me get through this!

  13. robert munoz says:

    lior u are an awsome person thank u so much for what u do god has a
    special place for u thank u again so much for giving out this information
    for free because so many of us need to hear this you are right on with what
    u say love it accept it lagh at it those are the keys to victory thanks
    again so much and i will be passing this info on

  14. aztecalexys says:

    thank you I already feel so much happier just by watching your videos im
    glad there is people like you in this world let the lord god bless you my
    brother, this is awesome! thanks Rene p.

  15. sedebebe078 says:

    no problem lior have you got facebook can i add you i realy like your
    videos and look forward to seeing them. i realy liked the video you did on
    the remote helicopter gadget very cool.

  16. Lior Bar-El says:

    sorry brother as the screen names always get me

  17. sedebebe078 says:

    hi lior im a man but thanks any way dear lior thank you

  18. Lior Bar-El says:

    Likewise my dear remember one thing it is the bad days that make us

  19. sedebebe078 says:

    thank you lior for all your help im working realy hard on my depression and
    focusing hard on positive and hopeful thoughts to control my fear and
    anxiety i have some good and some bad days though. much love and thanks to
    you lior

  20. Jason Zein says:

    Hi again. I have been suffering from GAD since 2 years. I tried all natural
    methods without medicine and now trying your method. I don’t have that kind
    of fear but my problem is that I can’t concentrate anymore, it’s really
    hard to focus on anything and I’m always depressed. I don’t know what to

  21. Lior Bar-El says:

    100 percent true

  22. Lior Bar-El says:

    This is great my brother. Working out works wonders. The other problems
    will work itself out as it will take time for the brain to be retrained in
    the flight or fight response. But it will be perfect after its done and u
    will be stronger mentally and physically and spiritually.

  23. Thomas Jimenez says:

    Well, thankfully I didn’t have to take the spoonful of caffiene to
    challenge my oannic attacks. Instead I decided to just channel my anxiety
    and panic through intense workouts. Mostly combat cardio. And they actually
    have gone away. Its been 2 weeks since my last panic attack and I feel a
    lot better than before!!! The only thing that remains is the
    depersonalization and derealization, its not as bad now, but it varies on
    the day. But I’ve recovered tremendously!

  24. Thomas Jimenez says:

    One thing that I just needed to realize is that Fear is the product of our
    thoughts. Fear is a choice. And we can control it!!!!

  25. Lior Bar-El says:

    I love u all too my brothers and sisters

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